ViSwiss Male Enhancement – Best Supplement Pill for Erectile Dysfunction?

What is ViSwiss?
ViSwiss is a herbal aphrodisiac pill that claims to “correct erectile dysfunction” and promises to take in just 20 minutes.
According to their official website, ViSwiss is the result of 7 years of laboratory research and is a 100% reliable formula with no unwanted side effects and 100% guaranteed results.
Nevertheless, does this alternative to Viagra or herbal-based Cialis really turn you into a “sex beast”, granting you a controllable erection for 72 hours, as the manufacturer claims? We decided to find out more …

How does ViSwiss work?
The official website claims that ViSwiss raises the level of free testosterone in the body, while increasing blood flow to the penis. This is typical of how the treatments for erectile dysfunction work, and this is the method of action used by the most-sold drug of this type – Viagra.

Saw Palmetto
The ingredients mentioned are: tribulus terrestris, saw palmetto, muira puama, Peruvian ginseng, Korean ginseng, ginkgo biloba, avena sativa, ashwagandha root, epimedium and damiana. No actual quantity is provided for these ingredients.
It is useful to specify at this stage that no clinical studies have shown that the ingredients mentioned help to treat erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, it has been shown that Saw Palmetto’s extract significantly lowers the level of the male sex hormone DHT – which is important for maintaining a normal libido.
“There is little reason to think that saw palmetto (dwarf palm) could walk in case of low sexual desire. In fact, it could even decrease the libido, based on its way of acting. ” Source

User Opinions about ViSwiss
Finding sincere opinions from consumers (not shops that sell the complement) is not easy. We could only find 7 reviews on Amazon (all negative, 1 or 2 star).

Side Effects of ViSwiss
ViSwiss may not cause any real side effects, but due to the lack of information on the amounts of ingredients used in the formula, it is impossible to say with certainty.

Is there a Guarantee?
A 30-day “satisfied or refunded” warranty is offered for any unopened bottle up to 30 days after purchase. Buy Now

Are ViSwiss pills worth buying?
It is difficult for us to recommend the aphrodisiac pill ViSwiss despite the many encouraging promises of the manufacturer. The lack of beneficial ingredients or clinical studies is a big negative.

Alternatives to ViSwiss
Endovex is a product supported by recent clinical research – a 100% natural supplement containing concentrated pomegranate extract and L-Arginine.
The International Journal of Impotence Research has published a study that shows that naturally rich ellagic fat can cause 30% longer, hard and firm erections after only a few weeks of treatment.
Endovex is also one of the only aphrodisiac products that offers a “100% satisfied or refunded” guarantee on both open and unopened packaging.

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