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What is VCor Male Enhancement?

VCor Male Enhancement Reviews:- VCor Male Enhancement is advertised by the manufacturer as a pure herbal potency. Since the remedy is not prescription, you can compare it with a free dietary supplement. The product is offered exclusively in the form of capsules. In which is contained a powder. The capsules facilitate the intake and at the same time help to avoid overdosing. In contrast to other potencies, the capsules act directly on the corpus cavernosum. This allows them to absorb more blood and visually enlarge your penis. The plant ingredients also have a positive effect on the libido and help to delay the climax. You profit not only from yourself, but also from your partner, since many women naturally need more stimulation to orgasm. Love life again.

VCor Male Enhancement Ingredients

The producer himself speaks with regard to the ingredients of a secret recipe consisting of different plants. Although the exact dosage within the powder is not known, you still experience on the pack itself more about the ingredients. Here are names like

  • Maca roots
  • Tribulus
  • ginseng
  • Ginger and
  • cinnamon

Especially the Maca root is a popular ingredient for a natural potency. The plant originating from Peru has long been known for its potency-increasing effect. Cinnamon also has a positive effect. In this preparation there is even a Zimtextrakt, which provides this effect in highly concentrated form. This also applies to the other ingredients used, which are also offered in 17-fold concentration. The high concentration makes it possible to see immediate results comparable to other potencies. If you have been suffering for a long time under a faded love life, you do not have to wait until weeks for the onset of the effect.

Also included in the formula are vitamin B2, vitamin C and zinc. Zinc improves your skin image as a positive side effect. If a low testosterone level is responsible for your lesser feeling of pleasure, the hormones often have an effect on your skin. If you are single, it is easier for you to get involved with a flirt thanks to this additional effect. The vitamins complex, which also contains vitamin B1, has an invigorating effect and ensures that your body also has the necessary energy reserves to keep up with your new love life.

For whom is VCor Male Enhancement Suitable?

Because VCor Male Enhancement is specifically targeted at the penis, the intake is naturally intended primarily for men. The exact target group, on the other hand, is very broad. In principle, any man aged 18 years or over can use the capsules to stimulate their own sex life. Younger users benefit particularly from the longer durability. Anyone suffering from premature ejaculation can secure support in bed. For older age groups other factors such as the hardness of the erection play a role. When the erectile dysplasia is filled with much more blood, the erection can again be perceived as much harder.

However, a majority of users test the product to test the lengthening effect. In this way the penis should gain a few centimeters, not only in its length, but also in its circumference. If you are already at a urologist due to potency problems in treatment, it is recommended to inform them of the intake in order to be able to assess the results of the therapy correctly.

How does the VCor Male Enhancement effect work?

Although the capsules as a natural potency agent only contain purely herbal ingredients, this makes up only a part of the effect. The high concentration of the selected plants is much more crucial. They already have effects on the blood circulation and potency. As an active ingredient complex from different plants, this effect is already intensified. This is similar to the seasoning of dishes. Here salt and pepper are separated also only half the rent. In the selected concentration, which is between 15 up to 17 fold higher than comparable potencies, two effects occur.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. In the case of other preparations, the body must be continuously supplied with the respective active substances over a longer period of time. In a partnership with a regular application your libido will be strengthened in the long term. This means that when the delivery of new capsules is waiting for you, you should experience the same intensity during the next sex.

How does the VCor Male Enhancement Application work?

The use of VCor Male Enhancement is relatively uncomplicated. You do not need any restrictions in terms of meals or the time of the day. The intake is most effective before sex. A capsule is sufficient for most users. If you are particularly big or heavy you should try, whether with two capsules the effect more your ideas. Since the capsules are already dosed, you do not need to experiment with a letter carrier or other utensils.

One exception is alcohol. Here the manufacturer recommends to dispense with an intake in combination with alcohol. When the alcohol content is increased, it is not uncommon to notice the ability to have an erection, which can lead to a weaker effect. Furthermore, you may be in danger to forget how much capsules you have already swallowed. If you want to take VCor Male Enhancement before your partner secrecy, this is relatively easy because you only need a glass of water to swallow the capsules.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of VCor Male Enhancement?


  • Purely herbal ingredients
  • Including vitamins
  • No own dosage required
  • Plus the length and circumference for the erected limb
  • Increase libido


The content of the Individual Ingredients is not known

As a natural potency, one of the greatest advantages is the pure plant ingredients in combination with a vitamins complex. If, for example, a shortage of symptoms is the cause of your potency problems after a disease or stress, your body as a whole will be strengthened as well as your penis. Unfortunately, the manufacturers remain very vague with the exact composition of the ingredients. In case of known intolerance to plants, you should discuss the intake better with your doctor. However, it is a plus that the active ingredients in the capsules contain no hormones. Since these can help to influence behavioral changes in high concentration, you do not get into this danger with your intake of this preparation.

Are there known VCor Male Enhancement side effects?

By taking the capsules, neither side effects nor interactions are known so far. This information is especially important if you regularly take medication. Not to be counted as side effects allergies. Since the ingredients are purely vegetable, you should therefore check the ingredients for already known allergies. If you experience symptoms like skin rashes or even gastrointestinal symptoms, it is advisable to interrupt your intake. An allergy test can finally clarify whether you are allergic to one of the active ingredients.

General VCor Male Enhancement Test

One of the most important quality features is the already existing dosage within the capsule. Since the product has been developed exclusively for men, an accidental overdosing in women or children with a lower body weight can be excluded.

Another quality feature is that the change in the corpus cavernosum is only temporary. If the erection declines, the blood flow in this area also returns to normal. So you do not need to answer any unpleasant questions when you visit the Urologist or an X-ray.

It is not unimportant that your hormone level remains unchanged. When taking Testosterone and Co, the risk of possible side effects such as mood fluctuation after administration is significantly increased.

General VCor Male Enhancement experiences

Although VCor Male Enhancement is a relatively new natural potentizer on the market, many testers have already formed an opinion. When looking at the website of the manufacturer, it is consistently positive. Something different behaves when looking at the ratings at the retailer Amazon. Here you will also find critical voices, which indeed praise the ingredients, but in return they complain about the lack of effect. If you leave the 5 and 1 star ratings out, instead of exuberant praise or criticism a more differentiated picture.

What is often missing in the opinion is the reason for the intake, because, for example, erectile dysfunction by diabetes for purely herbal preparations are often only to be improved. As new opinions are continually being received in the future, it pays to keep eyes open for further buyer opinions with the help of a search engine. Here you can read more customer experiences!

What is the cost of VCor Male Enhancement?

The costs of Garnora are strongly dependent on the purchased quantity and the respective supplier itself. If this is not the manufacturer, the costs may be correspondingly higher in order to ensure a sufficient profit. The same applies to the purchase in a store. Here the supplier from the shop rental to the employees arise numerous costs, which are on the price. In the Internet many of these costs are dispensed with, which is why prices are often lower here. However, you should not forget the shipping costs at particularly favorable offers, so that you do not pay more in the end. Whatever remains the same is the amount of 60 capsules per pack.

Where can I Buy VCor Male Enhancement?

The capsules are available separately in specialized stores for food supplements. It is much easier to buy on the Internet from dealers such as Amazon or from the manufacturer’s website. There are also offers with which it is possible to save money. In quantities of 60 to 600 capsules you will find here the most extensive offers. What is also noticeable in these offers is the money back guarantee. Within 30 days, you can exercise this right if the desired effect is not achieved. In addition, delivery is free of charge. This also pays off if you want to test the effect on your love life first with a small amount of capsules.

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