Memory Pills Review- Analysis of Best Memory Enhancer Pills!


A wide range of pills memory have become commonly used, in view of the various difficulties to remember facts that many people suffer with the bustle of daily life. In particular, when I learned that many of these are psychiatric drugs I simply worried origin.

In the US and Europe in competitive environments like the most prestigious universities these pills are consumed like candy. It is also a source of many businessmen, who must solve complex situations.

So, I proposed to learn a little more about the world of these pills memory, in order to warn of its defects or disclose its virtues.


What Causes Memory Loss

If you ever wondered what that causes memory loss, really you should know that this depends on many factors. When the mind must deal with multiple problems, various conditions that hinder concentration and the best response from our mind appear.

This may also be due to poor diet, which is common in these times. Junk food not important nutrients to the body and the abundance of lipids does not help the functioning of the brain. This is what that causes memory loss to nutritional level.

Stress, fatigue experienced by many people also blocks the best response of the mind, it can not achieve the necessary concentration.

Memory problems are very common these days. If you do not remember some things, in most cases it is because you are suffering from fatigue or maybe you lack nutrients that help your brain to respond better. So often we resort to pills memory, trying to solve this problem.


Can you Improve or Enhance Memory?

Of course you can increase memory, promoting the most favorable physical conditions, exercising the mind through special exercises and there are very good pills memory that can also be implemented, but this’ll tell you later. In other words, looking for alternatives to improve the quality of life.

Healthy and complete diet, along with the practice of sport has very good results in this regard. If possible need to reduce the applicants based activities to reduce stress.

But most important is to expose the mind to creative situations. When the mind works in enjoyable activities that require develop new ideas, new interconnections between neurons in the brain that help more information is retained are built.

This type of results obtained by practicing games, crosswords or challenging strategy like chess. Also riddles or challenges to memory capacity, exercise the mind in these areas. Reading topics of personal interest helps retain information more easily. You can also supplement with writing or practicing personal hobbies.

All are valid for ways to increase memory and put the mind in optimum condition. But the problem is that it takes time to address these strategies. Therefore it is assiduously uses the consumption pills memory, for improvements in a short time.


Memory Pills

Many of these pills memory are intended to improve the concentration of people, which is a valid order. The problem is that many had their origin in the treatment of deep mental pictures, so its effects may profoundly affect the nervous system.

Young people studying at universities demanding, often resort to these. And the problem is that they have become almost dependent and may not work if you do not use them. This involves a very serious risk, and in some cases has been the source of drug addictions.

Some of these pills made in recent years offer a completely natural approach. These do represent a tangible way to complement mental activity.

Below I have summarized the characteristics of the pills memory most popular, with their strengths and weaknesses.


The Adderall is a psychostimulant and has very powerful effects on the nervous system. It comprises 75% of dextroamphetamine and 25% levoanfetamina. It has profound effects as a cognitive enhancer and as euphoric.

These pills are commonly used among students in the US who want to get top marks to enter highly accredited universities. They have become pills memory commonly used in many environments that are intellectually demanding.

However there are multiple warnings against frequent use. The Adderall is a remedy that is used to treat deep attention deficits, as in the case of children with ADHD. Doctors also prescribed to counteract narcolepsy.

This stimulant is contraindicated for people who have had additions of some kind or psychotic episodes. Drug abuse can create dependency. Its benefits do not exceed the amount of side effects this drug can produce. Therefore, neither would take crazy.


This is another remedy that is often used to increase memory. The Modafinil is a neurostimulator that was originally used to counter narcolepsy, or sleepiness during the day, resulting in breathing difficulties sleeping.

It has been used regularly to keep the alert in forced situations. For example, if a person works at night and have difficulty adapting to this type of schedule. And of course, they could not miss students demanded the consumed modafinil to stay awake for several nights to pass their exams.

But like the previous product, modafinil can have serious side effects. You can not eat with anticoagulants, anticonvulsants or inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. It can also cause chemical dependency. It does not seem healthy to improve memory solution.

Alpha Brain

These tablets are among the attempts to develop pills memory with natural qualities. Alpha Brain contains an array of vitamins and minerals that seeks to strengthen cognitive functions such as non tropics.

Has Alpha GPC which is a precursor of acetylcholine, huperzine A that prevents decomposition aceltilcolina brain, vinpocetine that promotes blood circulation in the brain, Bacopa is an herb that increases memory and reduces anxiety and pterostilbene is considered a cognitive enhancer.

The problem is that the variety of components arrive not to act in too deep. Several reviews on the Internet agree on: Alpha Brain has a limited effect, which is often only slightly higher than that obtained drinking a cup of black coffee. This makes your cost is actually very high.


Brain Plus IQ

If we have to highlight a significant advance in pills memory this is, without doubt, Brain Plus IQ. This supplement to improve memory, it has shown better results compared to those providing the above – named products. In my research I found a clear difference between this product and others: its development focused on exactly this need.

Several clinical studies that has been subjected, have shown that it is helpful to increase the memory capacity, increase concentration levels and optimize cognitive response in very demanding situations. Brain Plus IQ also improves mood, which it is very important to improve the willingness to solve problems factor.

This powerful supplement is made from 100% natural. Therefore, no prescription is needed to purchase it. It is completely safe to use every day.


My Recommendation: Brain Plus IQ

The history of the emergence of Brain Plus IQ is simply exciting. Their results were so powerful in people who consumed it in the beginning, who were accused of cheating. As if they were taking anabolic mind, they expelled some students of Harward, and also left out of the television contest Geopardy several participants.

What followed was an immediate suspension of the first authorization Brain Plus IQ for sale. For several years this vitamin complex was exposed to numerous clinical trials.

However, despite the alarm they found that there was nothing wrong with this product. Brain Plus IQ has no side effects and it really works. He recently came out for sale.

If due to the stress of everyday life you have trouble recoder ATM pin-mail or site where you left your car keys, do not worry. You are experiencing episodes experienced by common people by worries or tiredness.

A natural and very effective complement as Brain Plus IQ can help you focus better and solve the various problems that will arise in life. You can improve your skills and increase your productivity at work, without fear of any side effects.

Do not risk with drugs designed for psychiatric treatment. Brain Plus IQ is what really helps you.

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