Magic Black Mask Reviews – Improves Your Skin Through Cleansing!


Magic Black Mask should be used every week to moisturize, purify or illuminate the desired area.

Magic Black Masks are a cosmetic product that is used in a timely manner to simply complement the ritual of daily beauty. In order for the benefits to be really effective, it is necessary to look for the one that best suits each type of skin and contains the necessary assets that help to improve the facial dermis.

As Modesta Cassinello Sola, Pharmacist of Modesta Pharmacy, says “Magic Black Masks offer benefits from the first application in just a few minutes,” allowing to purify, hydrate or illuminate the area. These effects act on both sensitive skin, dry skin and dehydrated, or mixed-fats.

For what types of skin are there Magic Black Mask?

The benefits for each skin are determined by the active ingredients of the Magic Black Mask. The expert establishes which mask to use depending on the characteristics of the dermis: 

The dry skin: should use a moisturizing mask.

The acne skins: for them is indicated purifying and soothing mask.

The skins with blotches: benefit from the use of a moisturizing mask and soothing.

The photo aged skin: have to use a mask with antioxidants that illuminate and hydrate skin.

The skin blotchy: assets need to unify the skin tone.


Different Textures

This product can be found in cream and peel off system, which is transformed into a transparent thin film as it is drying, allowing it to be removed at a single time. There are also masks impregnated in a fabric, also known as masks type veil that adapt to the skin and exert a more occlusive action. The expert recommends the masks in single-dose format, since “they allow to test these cosmetics without big investments.” This product in small doses allows to benefit of the different assets of each mask until finding the one that suits to the needs of each skin.

How to apply Magic Black Mask

Before starting to apply the mask it is advisable to have clean and toned hands.  Also, it is possible to exfoliate the skin, so that it is more receptive to the assets that are applied later. This last step is advisable for all types of skin “except for those with acne where exfoliation would not be indicated,” says Cassinello.

It is time to apply the mask. Apply it evenly on dry skin and let it act for several minutes. The waiting time will depend on the type of mask. Therefore, before using this product, it is advisable to inform yourself about its properties and ways of use recommended by each laboratory. While the mask acts on the skin you should try to relax in order to get the best results.

Once the mask has made its effect you have to rinse well with warm water, gently dry and continue applying the rest of beauty products that are used daily.

The pharmacist recommends using this product every week and go alternating different masks to test how the different actives act on the skin and thus improve the appearance of the skin you want.

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