About Us

Best Prices – Really!

If you are tired of trying to decide between a good business and a good product, you will be pleased to know that Tenedonlineshop.com offers up to 50% discount on products  you want and need, including vitamins, supplements, healthy foods, products of sports nutrition, beauty favorites, bathing, and even products for pets and for the home.

Our goal from the beginning has been to make this website the best source of information on supplements, selection and web service in unison that we offer the largest hypermarket of supplements for easy and fast purchases with the lowest prices.

Endless products.

Vitacost.com has more than 25,000 different and healthy products. OK, so it’s not really endless, but it sure seems that way. These products are from more than 2,500 leading brands in the world. And if there is something we do not have, you can always send us an application and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. -for less, of course.

Our mission.

Our mission is to help you enjoy optimal health through proper nutrition! Good health is everything in terms of looking better, having energy and endurance to do the things you like. It is difficult to be productive and happy being sick or without energy all the time. We firmly believe that certain supplements must be in your health program.

There are some people who tell us that they can not afford to pay the supplements. We always answer them, “You can not afford not to take them.” An old saying says “it is better a few grams of prevention than a few kilos of healing” said very true today with the costs of medical care. We want you to reach an advanced age without the suffering of going through diseases that will weaken you.


Quality Guarantee

It is the supreme priority of Tenedonlineshop.com when it comes to your well-being, safety and quality. Transparency is very important for us (and for you). So here we give you a view of how we handle things:

We build healthy relationships: We only make our contracts with manufacturers that rigorously test our products at every step of the manufacturing process for maximum quality and safety, including raw materials, finished products and packaging.

We verify:

Before the products are accepted and placed in our inventory. The manufacturer must provide a certificate of analysis that proves that the product has been tested and has reached the safety levels established by our regulatory department.

We keep the account:

We follow the chain of custody on all products to their respective manufacturers.

Your comments evaluations will be welcome. If there was a product that is looking for that we do not have. Please let us know! Also, share with us how we do it and how we would have a better experience. Simply fill out the form and we will respond within the next 24 hours.