Work Your Entire Body in 30 Minutes With This Dumbbell Workout

Grab your weights and get ready to work! You will feel strong after this 30-minute dumbbell workout from Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and MoveWith coach Ingrid S. Clay. We’ll be doing squat jumps, side skaters, and tuck jump burpees (oh yes . . . they are challenging but fun), so you’ll get your heart rate up, too! This workout will definitely push you past your limits, but Ingrid will motivate you throughout. Grab a pair of five- to 15-pound weights, depending on where you are in your fitness journey, and let’s do this! We know you can.

Credits: On Ingrid: Alo Yoga outfit and Puma shoes; On Allie: Spiritual Gangster top and Lululemon tights; On Tarra: Lorna Jane outfit and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes; Manduka Mats

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