What You Should Eat to Maintain Healthy Weight for Your Age?



There are many factors to maintain healthy weight that can influence a person to carry an inappropriate diet, however just a little motivation to incorporate certain foods that are sufficiently healthy according to each person.


In fact, experts recommend follow certain diet according to the age that the subject has. The reason for this is because the needs of a person with 40 years are not necessarily the same as in the case of a twenty something.




Having a good diet requires a balance in food, replacing some if necessary, to achieve the supply of nutrients necessary according to your age.


That is why the UN agency “Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations” (“Food and Agriculture Organization “in Spanish) produced a report with the foods you should consume according to the years you have, the results presented below.



Maintain Healthy Weight 

At 20

At this stage of life the person is with great vitality and energy levels, which however does not mean that the individual can ignore food.


That is why it should not be neglected breakfast, try to avoid junk food and incorporate foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.




Meanwhile, calcium is an essential mineral for our bones, which in turn helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis in the future. It can be found in dairy, egg, salmon, cabbage, spinach, lentils, and nuts, among others.

Maintain Healthy Weight

At age 30

During this stage the metabolism begins to slow, while people begin to see an increase in kilos. That is why the diet should be based on foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein and fiber.


Some of the foods you should avoid because they generate increase in abdominal fat are: refined grains, French fries, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Maintain Healthy Weight

At 40 or more years

Over the years the body has already changed, so that the requirements in the diet are different. In the 40 years, decreases calorie needs, the proportion of fat in the body and a gradual loss of bone mass.



This is why it is recommended to consume cereals (lower cholesterol), cherries (s antioxidant, which fights diseases such as gout and arthritis), fish (has omega 3, which helps lower heart rate and blood pressure) and chicken (protein source).


Another aspect that should be considered is the risk of heart disease. For this, people should avoid eating too much salt, processed foods, red meat and egg yolks.

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