This Guy's Incredible Black Panther Suit Will Have You Wondering If Wakanda Is Real

There are some people who have truly just missed their calling in life. After seeing how incredible this Black Panther cosplay is, we’re pretty sure the designer should get into movie costume designing as soon as humanly possible, because the man is talented!

Known as vibranium.cosplay on Instagram, this cosplayer wore a Black Panther suit whose outer layer was designed by a team known as no_limit_designs, and outfitted the underlying suit with motion-sensitive lighting that makes it look just like the upgraded Panther suit that Shuri and the Wakandan Design Group create for T’Challa. He used the custom lighting in his 3D-printed helmet, claws, and other accessories that leave other Black Panther costumes (though they’re all admirable!) in the dust.

As shown on his Instagram page, vibranium.cosplay has also designed props for other Black Panther cosplayers that look exactly like the real thing, including Shuri’s vibranium gauntlets and the light-up underyling suit from Killmonger’s golden Panther suit. His page shows the journey he’s taken since he started cosplaying (which he’s only been doing for a few months!), and we’re honestly shook at how professional his work looks. We have no doubt vibranium.cosplay will be receiving a lot of requests to make more of those Panther helmets. Who wouldn’t want to be a glowing badass for a day? Check out some of his work ahead!

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