This $5 Mascara Curled My Eyelashes So Much, They Might Poke My Eye Out

For me, nothing is quite as satisfying as a really good mascara. I want my lashes to stretch to the heavens and wack my eyebrows in the face. Otherwise, what’s even the point? I’ve long been a fan of Essence Lash Princess Mascara ($5), which thickens and volumizes exceptionally well and costs less than my morning Starbucks drink. So, when I learned that the brand was coming out with a new mascara, I knew I needed to try it.

The I Love Extreme Curl and Volume Mascara ($5) is an expansion from the brand’s existing “I love extreme” line, and has a jumbo brush featuring a longer winding staircase pattern within the bristles. While the wand seems bigger than both my eyes combined, there’s no denying these results. It made my lashes long, dark, thick, and curlier than I ever knew I wanted them to be. The curling effect also really opened up and called attention to my eyes, one of my favorite features. Check out the before-and-after images ahead, and pick up your own at Ulta.

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