The Wrong Reasons To Like A Guy

Wouldn’t you agree when I say that love is the most dreadful game to be ever played by men and women alike? There are a lot of rules that govern this game, most of which I personally have never understood (sigh). Not to forget the competition and the huge number of players that who are out there to play this game just like you. Battling such stiff competition can be a lot to handle sometimes, so it’s no wonder that we often find ourselves settling for Mr. Good Enough instead of Mr. Right. Now, as convenient as it might seem, going down this route can lead to you having a lot of compatibility problems with your partner.

We know that all of your girlfriends are madly in love with their respective partners, and you seem to be approaching your deadline (the dreaded biological clock that never stops clicking) to get hitched soon. We know If you had to answer the ever-helpful neighbor aunty’s friendly query, “When will it be your turn dear?” one more time, you might just explode.

We definitely feel ya ladies. Because we’ve been there, done that, and that’s why we’ve put a list of the wrong reasons for dating a dude. Before you get pressurized to settle for Mr. Good-Enough, read these and proceed with caution.

1. You’re Nearing That Deadline

You’re Nearing That Deadline


We’re talking about the deadline most women set for themselves. Maybe you wanted to have a boyfriend when you turned 18, by the age of 25 you wanted to get married, and by the time you turned 28 you wanted to have your own pair of cute little munchkins. But you’ve already turned 29 and are yet to find anyone who sets your pulse racing or makes you want to give up on your singledom. So, what do you do? We know all you would want to do now is find any guy who meets even 35 percent of your checklist, ask him out, propose to him, and offer to bear his kids.

Relax, ladies. It’s no big deal if marriage is taking its own sweet time to happen. And why don’t you look at it in this way, maybe you’re single because you’re leading a fab life of your own and you’ve no time to swim in the dreaded dating pool.

2. You Feel Lonely

You Feel Lonely


If Monday blues weren’t enough to make you feel bad at work, all the stories of your colleagues and friends who’ve spent valuable, even romantic time with their romantic partners over the weekend make you feel even worse. At times like these, you feel very lonely and perhaps you feel the need to jump into any relationship just to make sure your weekends are happening too.

Stop right there! Your willingness to find a mate is not because you seek a soulmate rather it is a way for you to cope with the feeling of loneliness. This, in the long run, could become a nightmare for both of you.

3. You Probably Like What He Represents

You Probably Like What He Represents


Maybe he’s that hippie guy and you’ve always wanted to be in his shoes, randomly traveling to new places, meeting new people. Maybe he’s that businessman and you love the idea that he’s going to ply you with gifts and goodies. There’s another set of women who choose a guy just because they think he is the safest option. But you see, if you’re thinking along these lines, then it’s a very bad idea. Liking someone for what he represents rather than what he is and proceeding to build a relationship that fact is akin to building your relationship on a very shaky foundation.

Ask yourself if it is really a good idea to build a relationship on these flimsy grounds, without looking for a real connection.

4. Everyone Around You Really Likes Him

Everyone Around You Really Likes Him


Your aunt says he’s going to keep you happy. Your dad says you cannot find yourself a better person than him. All your cousins are rave about how lucky you are to have come across a guy like him.

If you are not able to make a decision, it’s a good idea to ask the opinion of others. But remember, at the end of the day it’s you who is going to date him or marry him.

You should listen to only one person’s opinion when it comes to these matters and that is yourself. If you think you can’t relate to him now or ever, just walk away. Don’t wait for others to give you permission to do so.

5. Never Get Caught Up In Moment

Never Get Caught Up In Moment


You met him at a party and you guys hit it off instantly on the dance floor. You happened to bump into him a week later and felt like he was a completely different person. “He has changed so much in just a week,” you say to yourself.

Moments pass and people change. Never base the idea of your ideal match on a single charming evening spent in someone’s company. You can’t form your ideal match ideas based on a person’s behavior in a particular instance. If you do so, you’re bound to get hurt and also, you’re going to burden the other person with unreasonable expectations.

If you haven’t found your perfect match yet, don’t freak out and settle for whatever comes your way. Don’t pick the wrong reasons to be with a guy. Let life happen to you; let love find its way to you rather than having it the other way around. Happy loving guys!

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