The Christmas Witch From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Based on a Real, Terrifying Myth

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special is here! “A Midwinter’s Tale” takes us right back to the Spellman household, just in time for the year’s shortest day and longest night: the Winter Solstice. Unfortunately, the night does not go without incident for the Spellmans; when the mischievous Miss Wardwell extinguishes their protective burning Yule Fire, they find themselves plagued by devilish, invisible children. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to get rid of them: Hilda and Zelda must summon the malevolent Christmas witch who is responsible for them, a woman by the name of Grýla.

Here’s what’s really cool about Grýla: she’s actually based on a real legend! Much like the Germanic Christmas demon known as the Krampus, Grýla doesn’t spread Christmas cheer, like Santa Claus and his trusty fleet of reindeer. In fact, the legend of Grýla is very dark and twisted. Luckily, that’s the perfect kind of legend for a spooky show like this. Let’s compare and contrast how Chilling Adventures of Sabrina brings her to life and what it tweaks.

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