The Bouquets Had Lightsaber Handles at This Star Wars Wedding – and the Bride Wore Black

If you want to bring the Force to your nuptials, look no further than Crystal and Jonathan’s gorgeous Star Wars-themed wedding for inspiration. The two first met while they were students at Purdue University, which is why the campus holds a great deal of sentimental value to the pair. They fittingly decided to have their wedding at the Purdue Memorial Union and embellished the place with decor inspired by their favorite film franchise. “Their reception was Star Wars-themed and it was amazing! They made most of the decorations and each table’s centerpiece was a different world from Star Wars. Crystal hand made all of the bouquets with origami flowers and lightsaber handles,” said Jasmine Norris-Dixson, the woman behind the camera who captured the happy moments from the wedding. “Also, the Star Wars theme was a surprise for all their guests.”

The pair had so many more layers of unique ideas catered to their love story. For instance, instead of a traditional layered cake, they opted for a delicious cookie cake with the phrase, “‘Til the Death Star do we part” written in frosting on it. The newlyweds explained their decision, saying: “We got Insomnia Cookies instead of a big fancy cake. We wanted to capture our time at Purdue in the food and feel of the wedding, and Insomnia Cookies is a big part of that.” There are so many more cute details to look out for, so keep reading!

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