The Best Books Written by Black Women in 2018 – and Yes, They're All Magical

It’s no secret that I love books by black women – whether they’re transporting me to mythic, reimagined corners of Nigeria or planting me firmly in the deep South. There’s a certain magic that comes with literature by black women, born of resilience and situated within a literary tradition that’s committed to telling the stories of men and women navigating their worlds.

This year, we saw incredible bodies of work published by black women – from the former First Lady’s record-breaking memoir to an array of books examining what it means to be black and female in spaces designed to undo your existence. We also saw sharp, innovative, masterworks of fiction, books that serve as windows into experiences so raw and poignant they feel like our own. In other words, it was lit – and certainly worth celebrating.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up my top 10 books by black women this year, all of which are a must for your to-read list.

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