The 11 Best Things About Being Single

This post is dedicated to those single ladies, who considered it a catastrophe that Carrie and Big got together. She was doing fine on her own and having so much fun while at it too!

Being single is no curse, people. There are many amongst us, who are proud to be a part of the single bandwagon. The problem is, more often than not, people confuse singledom with being lonely. However, for people who have chosen this way of life, it symbolizes the freedom to make their own choices, commit mistakes and live life king-style (think what the bald eagle symbolizes for an average American). If you want to take a peek at the glam-azing single life, here are the 11 best things about being single:

1. It Will Always Be Fries Before Guys

 It Will Always Be Fries Before Guys


Because of course, paapi pet ka sawaal hai. On a serious note, you don’t want to share your precious fries with the 6-foot black hole, who eats everything in sight.

2. You Get To Take All The Time In The World To Get Ready


Your time is your business, and you alone get to appraise its value. And being single allows you to spend much of it in self-care. So my sister, who is without a mister, can get her 45-minute facial before stepping out to party, without a care in the world.

3. No One Is Yoko-Ing Your Gang

No One Is Yoko-Ing Your Gang


You can plan an impromptu girl’s night on the spur of the moment, no questions asked. You get to hang with them anytime, anywhere you want. You only have your own time and schedule to manage.

4. Your Life, Your Rule; Your Gamla, Your Phools


You get to set your own priorities. Even if it is motherhood. You get to roll the dice and see where it takes you. In short, you have the steering wheel and you also have the GPS. Sacrifices are overrated anyway.

5. You Get To Netflix And Chill By Yourself

You Get To Netflix And Chill By Yourself


The petty fights over who watched the latest episode of GOT by themselves is so not the drama you want in life. You know, just like time and tide wait for none, so does the fresh content on digital streaming platforms. In fact, once you finish GOT, then only you can move on to the other series, right?

6. You Get To Experiment


Ahem, you get to experiment with everything out there. Tall, Dark, or even exotic. You truly get to test the field. Sowing the wild oats goes both ways, doesn’t it? The world is truly your oyster, full of interesting dating choices for you.

7. It Never Gets Boring Between The Sheets

It Never Gets Boring Between The Sheets


Instead of having the same, old, boring routine that you have to fit in your daily grind. You get to experience it in all its multi-hued glory. There is no dearth of options, positions and ummm, other things as well!

8. You Get To Tell The Most Fun Stories


Taking on from the previous two points, these experiences accumulate to give you a rich tapestry of experiences. You have quite a reservoir full of hilarious stories about epic, first-date fails, or bedroom gaffes. You could even have a full-fledged stand-up comic career!

9. You Can Afford To Let Grooming Fall By The Wayside, Every Now And Then

You Can Afford To Let Grooming Fall By The Wayside, Every Now And Then


Those who are in committed relationships know the pain of regularly, scheduled waxing appointments, but you are a queen who makes her own rules. If you are going through a dry season romantically, then you can afford to let it grow! You can have your own “No Shave November”, and no one will be the wiser!

10. So Much Closet Space — And It All Belongs To You

So Much Closet Space — And It All Belongs To You


A diverse and varied selection of clothes demands equally large closet space too, and who knows it better than all the single girlies. Unlike your married and committed sisters, you get to command the lion’s share of the wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how many LBD (Little Black Dresses) you have in your closet; your closet space is not little.

11. You Never Have To Settle


This one is probably the most important. Getting married or committed just because you cannot ignore the inexorable ticking of your biological clock any more or because all your friends and peers are in loving committed relationships is settling. The term settling itself has a very diffident and letting-you-down kind of air about it. Being single is the more affirmative alternative to this not-so-good situation. It tells you that you don’t need someone else’s validation to live your best life. You are valued, all by yourself!

So, folks, it’s all fun in the single-town, and if you are looking to become a resident, we hope we painted a pretty enough picture for you. If you are single, then tell us what you love about your single life. Please share your observations with us in the comments section.

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