SeraFina Deluxe – Does It Work or Scam Product!

SeraFina Deluxe Reviews: SeraFina Deluxe is a cream that contributes to the protection, care and support of skin healing. Who would not want beautiful skin without any “kazov”? So I’m not saying that SeraFina Deluxe will turn you into an instant adonis and venus. Certainly, however, its regular use will make your skin hydrate, soothe and protect your skin. Since it does not contain any parabens, lanolin, synthetic dyes or perfumes are also suitable for sensitive skin of babies from an early age.

Want to know more about this interesting Cream? That’s what we’re going to say in this review. We will start by introducing it and telling you about its effects. We will look for who this cream is and at what occasion to use it. We will not forget to look at the experience of using it and we will also say where you can get it comfortably and conveniently buy.

Where to Buy Products for your Health?

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What is SeraFina Deluxe Composition?

Cream SeraFina Deluxe as a medical device (the product is included in the ADC codebook among “Preparations promoting healing, regeneration and skin epithelization”) is used as a mechanical skin protection . This effect is achieved by exclusively inactive lipid substances.


Which Contains:

purified water, white petrolatum, cetylstearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, cetostearomacrogol, benzyl alcohol, sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide

Effects of the preparation according to the manufacturer

Protects and nourishes sensitive skin, including the most sensitive child

Thanks to the adjusted pH value helps to maintain the natural environment and physiological balance of the skin

It is also used as an ancillary treatment in cases of atopic skin changes

Also to protect and soothe the skin after treatment with topical corticosteroids

Can be used as an adjunct to mild skin lesions such as itching and dry skin (if topical corticosteroids are not indicated)


Who is the Product Intended for?

Cream SeraFina Deluxe is designed for everyone who wants to protect their skin and contribute to its normal function. Also suitable for sensitive skin of children and for skin affected by eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis.

SeraFina Deluxe, Available Packs of Cream + Price and where to Buy

If you are looking for:

  • Excellent price,
  • Fast delivery of goods and
  • Guaranteeing a quality product
  • Choose a ✅ proven internet pharmacy Three Towers.
  • SeraFina Deluxe cream price in the base 100 g package is definitely worth 3.63 $.
  • SeraFina Deluxe cream 400 g review A more preferred package (400 g)
  • The price for this package is 8.85 $
  • Compared to the base pack (100 g) , you will save up to $ 5.67


Using SeraFina Deluxe cream

  • Apply ointment lightly to the skin – a thin layer
  • Application of the cream is recommended at least twice a day if necessary and more frequently


Side effects, Contraindications and Warnings

Not intended for: Persons allergic to constituents contained in the preparation

Side effects: The product is well tolerated, no serious side effects have been observed with respect to its use; in unlikely cases of skin irritation (allergy), do not continue to use

Storage: Dry and at a temperature of 15 – 30 ° C, out of humidity, frost, direct sunlight and reach of children

Warning: SeraFina Deluxe cream is only for outdoor use, do not use it on injured skin, contact with eyes with cream immediately rinse with warm water.


The biggest benefits of SeraFina Deluxe cream from my perspective

Cream is also suitable for mild skin defects

It is greatly diluted and is also suitable for the smallest children (natural cosmetics)

Does not contain parabens, lanolin, synthetic dyes or other additives

The producer, Croupian Belupo, is one of the most successful companies in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic, Slovakia) in the field of dermatology.


Experience with Use

SeraFina Deluxe cream is used by my sister in small ones after every evening bath. Neter had a dry skin problem, and she often got used to scratching the whole body. The nurse used various specialists – dermatologists, allergologists. On the advice of one, she started using Belobaz. Since it is unspoiled, well-consistency and fast-absorbed, it is almost used to it and even used by itself. Otherwise, her daughter improved around the month after a month (part of the sister’s merit is attributed to Belobaz).

Also, according to the comments on the Internet that I found in various discussions,  this cream has positive effects on the baby’s skin. Another advantage is his solid price.


Review at the End

It is very good that this cream as a medical device does not contain corticosteroids. It is good that it is not perfumed, in good consistency and easily fragrant. It’s good that his prize will not ruin you. That’s all really fine.  However, the greatest benefit of this cream is that it is really good not only for sensitive baby skin but also for yours. In the case of minor skin defects or dry skin problems, you can enjoy the quality of Belobaz without fear.

If you choose to choose a cream based on this review, I recommend you buy it mainly from a trusted and quality seller, which in my case means this ✅popular eshop. You can also find it in some of the stone pharmacies, but the best price you can find on the Internet right now, and you will save time that you would otherwise spend in the shops.

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