Quit Smoking? 15 Ways Your Body Heals Itself Immediately

When you quit smoking and no longer inhale the 4,800 toxic substances found in cigarettes, you experience enormous positive changes in your health, fitness, and risks of heart disease and cancer.

After 20 minutes


Circulation improves in the hands and feet. Find out what helped ex-smokers finally quit.

After 2 hours

This-Is-the-Day-or-Month-You're-Most-Likely-to-Have-a-Heart-Attack_392296663-Syda-ProductionsSyda Productions/shutterstock

Pulse, heartbeat, and blood pressure normalize. In the case of pregnant women: the heartbeat of the unborn child also returns to normal. Try these 23 ways to stop smoking for good.

After 8 hours

Here's-Why-Blood-Is-Red-(Because-You've-Always-Wondered)Phonlamai Photo/shutterstock

Carbon monoxide is reduced and no longer stops oxygen from reaching the blood cells. Your cells have a much better supply of oxygen. In the case of pregnant women: Your unborn child also receives more oxygen.

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