Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme: A Combo Designed To Grip You Optimally


Almost all bodybuilders and athletes are now convinced that they need supplements for bodybuilding, in order to boost their athletic performance. Moreover, these products abound in the market, but the concern rests above all on their reliability and their efficiency.

We recommend them to favor formulas that are entirely natural and without side effects. Take a look at the Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme!


The Promises of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme

The Max Muscle Xtreme bodybuilding supplement and the enhanced post-workout supplement Max Test Ultra is used as a combo so you can achieve better muscle building results while preserving your overall health.

Let’s discover one by one these two revolutionary products and their promises:

Max Muscle Xtreme: This formula is made with 100% natural ingredients, without filling agents or chemicals.

Thanks to its active ingredients, it allows you to support weight training sessions over a longer period to perform more Reps, Sets … It maximizes your sports performance and increases the gain of lean muscle mass.

Max Test Ultra: This 100% natural compound is to be taken after your rigorous workouts to reduce your recovery time, boost your energy level and develop your muscle mass. It nourishes repairs and revitalizes your muscles.

Visit Max Muscle xTreme Official Website

Visit Max Test Ultra Official Site

In short, the promises of this combo of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme are:

  • Nitric Oxide Stimulator;
  • Extreme endurance;
  • Optimal performance;
  • High lean muscle gain;
  • Reduced recovery time;
  • Matrix of quality antioxidants;
  • High energy level;
  • Increased focus on achieving objectives.

How does this combination of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme work?

The actions of this combo on the body

When you use the combo of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme, you can achieve your bodybuilding sessions at a steady pace. You can see your endurance improve and significantly increase the duration of your workouts.

Thanks to the nutrients and minerals brought by these natural formulas, you benefit from the maximum energy, which allows you to exercise more. You also improve your muscular congestion several times. Your bulging muscles are therefore maintained more durably.

This combo allows you to enjoy an impressive vascularity and unique muscle development, thanks to nitric oxide. In addition, the ingredients in Max Test Ultra promote the recovery of occasional pain after your bodybuilding sessions.

These products also guarantee an increased concentration, so that you can reach more easily and even exceed the training targets you have set.


Tips for Better Results

You will get to enjoy the best results in bodybuilding, if you follow the 3 steps below:

Diet: Follow a healthy and balanced diet; Drink enough water and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Training: Practice daily exercises and bodybuilding exercises that are tailored to your body.

Take the combo: take with a glass of water 2 tablets of Max Muscle Xtreme and 2 tablets of Max Test Ultra, 30 minutes after training.

Visit Max Muscle Xtreme Official Website

Visit Max Test Ultra Official Site


Who Manufactures this Bodybuilding Combo?

The Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme combo is designed and manufactured by a company dedicated solely to this one.

Although many users initially hesitated to buy bodybuilding supplements from a company that specializes in the manufacture of a single combo and sells it online, bodybuilders and athletes make it today trust.

This allows you to benefit from a customer relationship service that perfectly knows the combo offered in his company. In addition, a manufacturer of a single combo has more resources to allocate to the selection of the most effective ingredients to guarantee you better results.

The manufacturer of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme performs exclusive online sales to offer competitive rates and fast delivery of supplements. It guarantees a regular supply of products so that you can continue to benefit from their benefits.

On the official websites of these 2 formulas, you can find the terms of sale and the contact details to be used to cancel an order. The customer service of this combo can also be reached by phone at 800.892.4080 and by email at

This information presupposes the reliability and transparency of the manufacturer of these bodybuilding supplements. Indeed, for whatever reason, each user is free to return the combo he ordered within the agreed deadline set out in the general conditions of sale.


The Ingredients of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme

This Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme combo contains all-natural ingredients without chemicals or fillers so you have the chance to improve your bodybuilding results without risk to your health.


What does Max Muscle Xtreme Contain?

This supplement for extreme musculation is made based on 3 natural and active ingredients, recognized for their great effectiveness in the field of muscular development. It is an exclusive blend of L-citrulline, L-arginine and creatine.

L-citrulline: Citrulline, a non-essential amino acid, plays a fundamental role in many biological functions. It is an essential element for all those who wish to obtain exceptional muscular congestion.

It promotes the production of nitric oxide (NO) by increasing the level of arginine in the blood – arginine being the precursor of nitric oxide. Numerous scientific studies have shown that L-citrulline greatly increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood.

For its part, nitric oxide generates vasodilation which is a necessary condition to have well-developed muscles. In addition, L-citrulline promotes the release of growth hormones and insulin into the body.

¬†L-arginine: L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that can be synthesized naturally by the body or supplied by food (meat, poultry, eggs …). It is normally present in constant amounts in the body of a healthy person.

L-arginine supplementation, however, is essential for people practicing bodybuilding training because this amino acid significantly stimulates the production of certain molecules useful for improving athletic performance: nitric oxide, growth hormones And creatine.

L-arginine is also used in several formulas to treat certain health problems, such as erectile dysfunction, fertility problems in men, senile dementia, heart problems and intermittent claudication.

 Creatine: Creatine is an oligopeptide that is normally created by the body from 3 amino acids: methionine, arginine and glycine. It is found in certain foods such as meats, poultry and fish.

Creatine supplementation allows bodybuilders to increase their energy levels and support sustained training. It is a sort of energy reserve in the muscles. It is involved in the process of protein synthesis.

It also promotes the development of lean muscle mass and optimizes your concentration to achieve your bodybuilding goals.


What does Max Test Ultra contain?

This post-workout supplement increases mental endurance and recovery, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients: wild yam extract, Tongkat Ali and Boron.

Each of its ingredients helps reduce your recovery time and boost your athletic performance. It provides the body with the nutrients needed to regain strength after extreme workout.

Wild yam extract: Recognized since the Aztec civilization as an effective pain reliever, this wild plant is used today to manufacture bodybuilding supplements. It accelerates recovery time following rigorous exercises. Rich in diosgenin, it improves athletic performance and increases muscle tone.

Tongkat Ali: Tested and approved by science, Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma extract promotes muscle growth and increased levels of testosterone in the body. This plant thus contains many chemical substances that have various positive actions on the body. It is beneficial for people practicing bodybuilding.

Boron: Boron is a trace element that solidifies the bones and ensures their development. Boron supplementation increases the testosterone levels in the body, maximizes muscle building and improves the ability to reason. It is also known to be effective in treating osteoarthritis.


The Science and Combo Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme

This bodybuilding combo uses ingredients that have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness. Discover studies demonstrating the actions of some of these ingredients on the body.

  1. The results of the 3 scientific studies, including a Japanese one published in 2015 and two Japanese published in 2014 and 2016 respectively, showed that L-citrulline, arginine precursor, promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide. It is known for its vasodilatory effect which optimizes muscle congestion.
  2. A study published in May 2010 on The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that arginine supplementation increases the physical performance of athletes. Unlike the placebo group, those who took 1.5 g arginine on a daily basis benefited from an increase of 22.4%.
  3. Tongkat Ali, one of the ingredients of Max Test Ultra, affects the level of testosterone and muscle growth. This was demonstrated by an Italian study on the animal.


The Side Effects of these Products

The combination of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme is made with all-natural ingredients so that bodybuilders can use it without worrying about the appearance of any side effects.

These formulas have no side effects, if you take it according to the indicated dosage: 2 capsules of Max Muscle Xtreme and 2 capsules of Max Test Ultra per day.


The Prices of this Combo

The first command of the combo lets you test it to see if it suits your body. Each product is invoiced at $4.99 (handling and delivery costs). After 14 days of receipt of the combo, if you are satisfied and you do not intend to return it, you must pay $89.95 for Max Muscle Xtreme and 79.95 euros for Max Test Ultra (plus sales tax).

The monthly provision of these products is then automatic, but you can cancel it at any time by contacting customer service.


Users of Max Muscles Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Testify

On the official sites of these 2 formulas for bodybuilding, you will not find any user who publishes his testimony on the effectiveness of this combo. Indeed, the manufacturer invites you to test freely this combo for bodybuilding and to discover for yourself their beneficial effects.

Our Opinion on this Combo for Bodybuilding


Combo for bodybuilding 100% natural, without adverse effect;

Use of ingredients tested and recognized for their effectiveness;

Possibility of obtaining excellent results in bodybuilding by combining the combo socket with a healthy diet and a suitable training program;

Sending a sample in express delivery.


The Lessers

  • Lack of information about its manufacturer;
  • Absence of testimony.


If we refer to all the information we were able to gather, we assume that this combo of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme is a reliable product. The official sites of these supplements clearly outline the steps to follow in order to obtain effective results in bodybuilding.

So there is no miracle. Each user can try the combo in complete freedom and cancel their order in case of dissatisfaction. Claim your sample of Max Test Ultra and Max Muscle Xtreme and share your experiences and results.


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