Male Edge Reviews – *SHOCKING* Results to Increase Pennis Size! Edge Reviews: Male Edge is a new extender to enlarge the penis in length and width. Male Edge was conceived and designed for comfortable and painless for the individual. In addition, the device can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort under clothing. Earn centimeters easily with Male Edge.

The results of Male Edge Extender is clinically proven

  • Lengthens the penis several centimeters permanently
  • Can be worn for long periods
  • Male Edge is supplied in a carrying case
  • Increases sexual performance and desire
  • Get a 1 year manufacturers warranty


Male Edge responds to an important expectation of men in penis enlargement. In addition to being an efficient and quality device Male Edge enlarges the penis without pain. Thousands of men already trust him and were able to achieve their goals. 17h your order and receive your order the next business day to begin your treatment.


Directions for use : from 1 to 8 hours a day

Contents : 1 Extender Male Edge, 1 black bag, instructions, 1 measuring meter, 2 tie straps, 1 protective pad.


Above all, Male Edge was designed with materials and high-quality components that has already helped thousands of men to enlarge their penis length and width. Its success is mainly due to its efficacy, comfort and ease of use. This patented device showed an increase in penis size by 28% in clinical studies.

Male Edge operates using the method of “pull”. This traction is painless for the individual who exploits since this process is gradual. This traction increases the number of cells in the penis, which results in a permanent expansion.


Each Male Edge devices comes with a small bag, a measure and a case to store the product. The Pro version, however, has more options like tether straps, protective pads and a cohesive gauze. These added options make Male Edge one of the most comfortable moment.


Male Edge is a very simple device to use and causes no pain. Before you commence the treatment, it is important that you stay calm. Place the ring to the base of the penis and then attach the device using the strips of comfort around the glans penis. Once the equipment is installed comfortably, you can adjust the size of the stent by increasing or decreasing the size of sidebars.


Results may vary from one individual to another since no one reacts the same way to treatment. However, most individuals have been noted:

9% increase in the 8th week.

15% increase in 14 weeks.

21% increase in 20 weeks.

28% increase in 26 weeks.


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