If You Despise Squats, These Are the 16 Exercises You Should Be Doing

If you are in the market for a bigger booty and believe squats are the only exercise to get those results, think again. It turns out squats don’t work the gluteal muscles as much as we thought. The primary muscle group strengthened when performing squats are the quadriceps (on the front of your thighs), with your gluteal muscles being the secondary muscle group strengthened. While we think squats are a great lower-body exercise to improve power and strength, they won’t make a drastic change when it comes to your backside.

If squats just aren’t your thing and you’d rather do any other exercise – burpees, push-ups, planks, sprints – we’ve got you covered. The 16 strengthening moves ahead are squat-free and will help you achieve the booty results you’re after. Check them out and get ready to build that booty!

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