How To Reduce Stretch Marks By Using Aspirin!!!

All women dream of an ideal figure and skin. Not surprisingly, the appearance of even the smallest stretch marks on the body delivers a lot of grief. It causes a completely natural desire to get rid of them. Do you want to learn how to remove stretch marks?

If someone says that this is impossible, do not believe him. You just need to defeat your laziness, and the skin will change in a magical way! It does not matter how stretch marks appeared. Even if they appeared after a very rapid weight gaining and look like deep grooves, there is the way out!

Aspirin is perhaps the best-known painkiller in the world, which, moreover, can be bought completely freely. It helps to relieve headaches, lowers body temperature and acts as an anticoagulant. Do you know that it can solve skin problems?

Well, take three tablets of aspirin and make powder from them. Then mix with water and apply the mixture to the necessary area. Leave for fifteen minutes and wash it away. Do this procedure every other day and you will see great results after one month.

Also, you can massage your hips or belly with Aloe Vera or vitamin E. Take a piece of Aloe Vera plant and massage your hips and belly every day. The same is about vitamin E. Take one capsule and massage your skin for twenty minutes.

To prevent stretch marks in the future you should watch your weight. Sharp jumps in body weight in most cases can lead to unpleasant consequences for your skin. Eat right. It is desirable to limit the consumption of flour and sweet foods and salt.

Do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, fish and seafood. Monitor the caloric content during each meal. Do not neglect exercising. Moderate physical activity improves skin condition. It does not matter whether you are visiting a fitness club or working out at home.

Also, it is good to walk a lot or to run outdoors. Massage the problem areas after taking a shower. After the procedure, do not forget about the use of cosmetics based on collagen, elastin, extracts of medicinal plants and hyaluronic acid.


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