How To Read The Signs Of A Guy Liking You: 7 Steps

The matters of the heart are very difficult to comprehend, ask anyone who has suffered at the hands of Cupid. While it’s one thing to have loved and lost, it’s an entirely different matter if you have no idea what your object of affection feels about you.

And it’s here that I would like to make a distinction. When it comes to making their feelings known, we, womenfolk, make it pretty clear who has captured our hearts. Whereas, when it comes to men, they have no idea how to go about it, forget about them wooing you.

To help out fellow-sisters who find themselves in situations, where they have no clue of their beloved’s feelings about them, we have created an easy guide to decipher these enigmatic creatures. So, all you pretty ladies give these easy guide a read and take a step in the direction of love!

Step 1: Pay Attention To His Gaze


Men are pretty simple creatures. Even if they can’t muster the courage to tell you what they’re feeling, their gestures can make it pretty evident. One of these gestures is looking in your direction. No, we aren’t talking about the stalker-ish murderous gaze, we are talking about those coy glances that you steal at your beloved. Notice how often he looks at you. And if he seems embarrassed that you noticed him looking in your direction, then you have your answer – he likes you!

Step 2: Notice How Frequently He Talks To You


If your dream dude is the silent, brooding type and suddenly he has found reasons to sing like the canary bird around you, then you, my friend, have found a reason to rejoice. If he looks for an opportunity to start a conversation with you, even if it is the random water-cooler conversation or if he hits you up on messages at night just for a quick catch-up, then it could very well be that he is interested in you romantically.

Since approaching you directly would be too bold a move, this is an easier way for him to establish contact with you.

Step 3: Does He Seem Nervous Around You?


Pay attention to his demeanor, when he is around you. Does he seem composed and calm or is he too nervous? If he seems to be okay talking in a larger group but is suddenly tongue-tied in your presence, it could signal that he thinks of you as more than a friend. He really cares about the impression he creates on you and that is probably why he is so careful with his words and gestures around you. Ladies, take this as a sign that you have caught his fancy.

Step 4: Notice If He Has Been Paying Attention To His Looks


Can’t say this for everybody, but more or less, most people start paying attention to their looks when they are looking to woo somebody.

See how he dresses. If he has recently started paying attention to his looks, or if he has started to take care of his appearance especially when he is around you, it could be a sign that he is seeking to impress you.

But make sure to notice if this happens only when you are around him, otherwise, it could just mean that he has started taking an interest in his appearance.

Step 5: The Body Language Says It All


The next step would be to notice his body language. It is said that if you find someone attractive or if you are attracted to someone, you tend to lean in towards them while conversing. Also, you find ways to touch them, such as a gentle pat on the shoulder (not in a creepy way). See if he is exhibiting these signs. If he is, then you are quite close to confirming his feelings for you.

Step 6: Is His Behaviour The Same Towards You As The Rest Of His Friends?


This would be the penultimate step in your quest for discovering his feelings for you. Notice his behavior around you and around his friends. Is he that jovial in their presence, or is that something that happens only when you are around. If he behaves in a more considerate fashion around you, it could be that he is trying to make his mark as a potential mate in your eyes.

Step 7: How Often Does He Hangout With You Alone


This can be the litmus test for his true feelings about you. If he is finding ways to hang out with you alone, then he surely has a thing for you. Because no guy will ever want to hang around a girl while she shops for shoes. That is a truth that is universally acknowledged. So if he is not shy of going on these shopping trips, then he is surely looking to woo you!

Now, that you have ascertained his feelings about you by deciphering these signs, the next step is to identify your own feelings about him. Decide what you feel about him, and if you do feel attracted towards him, don’t wait for him to take the first step. It’s 2019 people, women can ask men out! You can take that leap by yourselves.

We wish you all the luck with this next step. In case you have any other suggestions/views that can be added to his handy guide, share them with us in the comments.

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