How To Feel More Connected To Your Partner

Everybody wants to be part of an equation where their partner understands their needs and wants without being told of it explicitly. All of us who have been in relationships have felt the need to be the center of our partner’s universe at one point or another. We don’t want our relationships to be weighed in by insecurities and petty jealousy. At the end of the day, we just want to connect with our partners on a deeper level, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

However, it seems like an impossible task because we let our fears, insecurities, and our stubborn habits control our expression of love and affection for each other. We know what our partner expects from us, yet so often we make it our priority.

Trust us, being able to connect with another human, especially the one you love, is a wonderful experience. It drives away the feeling of loneliness inside you. However, Connection with your significant other doesn’t happen overnight. It needs to develop organically, and then carefully nurtured and looked after. Here are some ways that can help you strengthen your connection with your partner. Take a look.

1. Build A Connection With Yourself First

Build A Connection With Yourself First


Inner engineering is always a good idea. You will never be able to love your partner enough or strengthen your relationship with them unless and until you are in touch with your inner self. We’re not asking you to find inner peace as Po did from Kung Fu Panda, we’re just suggesting you to clear your thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by insecurities and worries. Your positivity will definitely reflect on the people around you including your partner (1). So, do whatever it takes to make yourself and your body happy and healthy. Also, give that over-thinking brain of yours a chance to slow down a bit.

2. Be Open To New Things And Let Go Off Your Controlling Behavior

Be Open To New Things And Let Go Off Your Controlling Behavior


Basically, when in a relationship you end up doing two of the following things:

  • You make efforts to learn about love, about the truth of your bond. In order to do so, you constantly judge it against very harsh parameters.
  • You intend to protect yourself from all the pain that a relationship could possibly cause you. Therefore, you are constantly looking for opportunities to preempt that.

This, according to us, is nothing but a classic example of a controlling behavior.

A controlling behavior doesn’t just harm your relationship with others, but it also harms the relationship you have with yourself. Behaving this way will only disconnect you from yourself and your partner (2). Therefore, don’t put yourself on a pedestal and control your partner. Live and let live. Don’t enforce your opinions and choices on your significant other.

3. Be Present In The Moment

Be Present In The Moment


Nothing irks a person more than this — not paying attention to them while they are pouring their heart out to you. Whenever you happen to sit down with your partner for a conversation over a cup of coffee or a mug of beer, just pay attention to what they are saying; read the subtext of the conversation. If you are disturbed and think you can’t pay attention, convey that to your partner and postpone the discussion (3). If you continue with the discussion and it appears like you aren’t paying any attention, it’s going to make your partner feel invisible as a person. It will make them feel like they don’t matter to you.

The best way to connect with your partner is to be present for them, especially when they need you in their corner.

4. Focus On What You Value In Your Partner

Focus On What You Value In Your Partner


You can never like a person a 100 percent. We’re sure that when you stand in front of the mirror self-analysze, you will have two lists: one which includes all that you like about yourself and the other which has everything that you dislike about yourself. All of us are like that, we have our faults, but we also have our redeeming qualities. Therefore, learn to value these in your partner. Encourage your partner to explore things that they are good at and develop new skills. Don’t draw attention towards their shortcomings. Build a dome of negativity in your palace of love. Focus on what you love about them.

5. Spend Time With Each Other

Spend Time With Each Other


No connection can be strengthened without spending time with each other. Therefore, make some efforts and plan some fun dates with your partner. Maybe you could create a couple ritual for yourself like going for a walk in the neighborhood park once a week or a once-a-month staycation to a place where you both can spend some quality time together. It will allow you to let go of your inhibitions and will make you feel connected instantly.

And remember to always be there for your partner in times of distress. One happy staycation doesn’t grant you the excuse to be oblivious to your partner’s existence for the rest of the month.

We all know that to fall in love is easy but to stay in love isn’t. And to stay in love it’s extremely important to stay connected with your partner. It requires dedication and constant effort. So, start this very day and continue to stay in love.

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