How to Decorate with Plants

My friends, can you believe spring has sprung?! I’m still in a bit of shock as it felt a bit like winter might go on forever, but trust me, I’m beyond happy to welcome a new season!

This spring is particularly exciting as it marks the debut of a very special project I worked on more than a year and half ago. I am thrilled to finally present to you…

how to decorate with plants on apartment 34

I am so proud to share the new book, Decorating with Plants. Written by the amazingly talented horticulturist and San Francisco based plant designer Baylor Chapman, the interiors in this lovely tome were also styled by moi! Today I finally get to share a major sneak peek of the book with you.

how to decorate with plants on apartment 34how to decorate with plants on apartment 34

I had such an amazing experience styling the spaces featured in this book – we covered a ton of ground. As you flip through its pages, you’ll find unique and creative ways to add plants to virtually every single space in your home. From the entryway to the bedroom, the kitchen, to the bathroom, kids room and your home office – you learn how to decorate with plants anywhere you can think of. Every corner of your house can in fact benefit from a plant – and this book tells you exactly which one to pick and how to help it thrive.

As a brown thumb myself, I was constantly getting new ideas and learning how I might incorporate more plants into This Old Victorian – and actually keep them alive for once! Decorating with Plants covers everything from Plant Care 101 to how to assess your home’s light conditions and tricks for keeping your plants alive while on vacay.

But the book also goes deeper, helping you determine everything from your plant style to how much time and money you want to spend on the plants. It really hones in on how to make houseplants work for you.

how to decorate with plants on apartment 34how to decorate with plants on apartment 34how to decorate with plants on apartment 34

In addition to offering design and plant styling inspiration for every room in your house, Decorating with Plants also showcases profiles of 28 stunning plant varietals that I hope will finally break us out of the fiddle leaf fig rut! I am particularly smitten with the Prayer Plant, but you’ll have to get a copy of the book to find out what it looks like.

how to decorate with plants on apartment 34

This project was such a labor of love for all involved. From the photographer extraordinaire Aubrie Pick to all of Baylor’s amazing plant whispers, everyone but so much into making this book come to life. I have to thank my partner in styling Kate Leonard for all her amazing work on this project. I couldn’t have done it with out her. 

And seriously, as some who can barely keep an air plant alive, this book s the guide you need to not only fill your house with plants but to get them thrive.

Decorating With Plants is officially available on April 2 but you can pre order your copy RIGHT HERE.

all photography by aubrie pick

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