How to Become a Vegan: 12 Tips from the Experts

Go at your own pace

Victoria Moran, author of the book Main Street Vegan, recommends removing one kind of animal from your diet at a time (“chicken and eggs are a great place to start”); being “vegan at home” to better control your food; or trying “vegetarian for now” and continuing to eat eggs and dairy. Even Mark Bittman’s “vegan before 6:00” rule could help with the transition when you’re worried about how to become vegan. Andre Kroecher of Daiya Foods suggests, “Start with the one thing you consume the most and substitute it with the vegan version,” such as almond milk instead of whole milk. Jenné Claiborne, The Nourishing Vegan, advises: “Crowd out less healthy or non-vegan foods with a yummy vegan addition. For example, have a green smoothie before your usual breakfast, or some fruit before an afternoon cookie. By eating the plant-based food first, you won’t have as much room for other stuff, and you’ll develop a taste for the healthier option.”

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