Food Products That Benefit Your Body

The best thing about the present time that we’re living in is that everybody around is getting super conscious with respect to health. All of us want to live a healthy life after all. Most of us get fitter by hitting a gym, some of us trek, while some of us watch what we eat. Healthy foods are gaining momentum in terms of popularity with every passing day. We can always hear diet names that are alien to us. We just wait and watch if the diet has worked on somebody who’s trying it out already. If it has worked wonders on them, we blindly follow the diet without really bothering to understand how it manages to slim us down or make us healthier.

We know which foods fall into the healthy category; we even know which ones can be termed as a superfood. But why do they fall into these categories? What effects do they have on our body? In what way do they make our body healthy? Unless you’re a dietician or a nutritionist yourself, we’re sure you’ll not know the answers to these questions.

It’s very important to know how the foods you eat are affecting your body. Keeping this in mind, we researched on understanding which food improves which part of our body. Here’s a list of such food products that benefit our body.

1. Eyes: Egg Yolks And Yellow Corn

Eyes Egg Yolks And Yellow Corn


What’s common between these two? The color yellow of course! The bright yellow color is known as Lutein which is a compound called carotenoid which gives color to the foods. Eating these will help you ward off any age-related degeneration of macular. It basically acts as a fighting oxidant that prevents any cell damage of the eye. So, from now on, whenever you’re beating that egg yolk for your omelet or munching on some corn, you know that it’s the eyes that are being benefitted here.

2. Brain: Salmon, Sardines, And Tuna

Brain Salmon, Sardines, And Tuna


All these fishes are mainly found in the coldest part of waters. They are all part of the fatty-fish community. These fishes have docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid which is known to prevent the disease dementia. It is also said that eating these fishes will help one keep the deadly Alzheimer’s disease at bay. The 2019 dietary guidelines have recommended that eating fish twice a week, at least four ounces of it will keep our brain healthy and functioning the right way (1).

3. Bones: Milk, Soy Beverages (Fortified)

Bones Milk, Soy Beverages (Fortified)


This must be known to most of us. That milk products contribute to bone health. But how? It’s not like the milk goes and fills in the bones and makes it strong, right? Dairy products are known to strengthen the bone tissues of our body which in turn makes our bones stronger. Therefore, it’s always advised to have enough dairy irrespective of which age group you belong to. Drinking milk regularly will also keep us away from osteoporosis.

4. Heart: Prune Juice And Baked Potato

Heart Prune Juice And Baked Potato


Potassium plays a vital role in maintaining heart health. Researchers have shown that potassium-rich foods when consumed will keep our heart healthy by cutting down the risks of contracting any cardiovascular problems (2). We are supposed to have 4700 mg of it every day. Prune juice (one cup) contains 707 mg while a baked potato contains 738 mg of potassium in it. Baked potatoes can be made yummier by adding seasonings and roasted vegetables to it. Therefore, why don’t we bake ourselves to a healthy heart now?

5. Lungs: Brussels, Broccoli, Bok Choy

Lungs Brussels, Broccoli, Bok Choy


These green foods will help keep the health of our lungs green! The dietary guidelines for vegetables ask us to have at least three cups of these green veggies every day. This helps to keep cancer at bay. The glucosinolate present in these cruciferous vegetables safeguards our DNA from any damage (3). If you’re a smoker, now you know that quitting smoking won’t just help heal your lungs. Add these green foods in your bowl and start munching on them.

6. Prostate: Green Tea

Prostate Green Tea


We have been seeing so many commercials that promote green tea for weight loss. Turns out that it does more than just that. Green tea has antioxidant polyphenols which keep us safe from prostate and cancer of other organs. Green tea can be had in abundance as it hardly has any side effects on our body.

7. Ovaries: Ice Cream

Ovaries Ice Cream


Nope! Not kidding here at all ladies. A Harvard study has actually found out that women who’ve consumed high-fat products of dairy like ice cream have apparently reduced their chances of infertility (4). Although the exact reason still hasn’t been explained clearly, the authors say that eating ice cream somehow is responsible for improving the functions of the ovaries when women are trying to conceive.

There you go, now you know at least some of the food products and which part of the body they benefit. And also how they benefit, right? So, the next time someone says — “Eat this, it’s good for your health.” Try to find out more about that food. Do you want to tell us anything similar about foods? Let us know in the comments below.

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