Everything You Need To Know About Wella Color Charm Permanant Liquid Hair Toners

Are there brassy tones in your hair after bleaching or coloring it blonde? If so, you need to use a hair toner to fix this problem. A hair toner is a miraculous solution that neutralizes the red, orange, and yellow tones in your bleached hair. Usually available in green, blue, and violet tints, toners make your colored tresses look more natural. Yellow tones in your hair can be nullified by a violet toner, orange shades by a blue toner, and red shades by a green toner.

Wella Color Charm’s permanent liquid toners are some of the best toners available on the market right now. They come in a range of 8 toners that are categorized into three families – ash, silver, and beige. Check them all out below!


1. Silver

  • T28 – Natural Blonde

T28 - Natural Blonde

Pre-lighten your hair to yellow before applying this toner to get a natural blonde shade.

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  • T10 – Pale Blonde

T10 - Pale Blonde

Previously known as Ivory Lady, this toner gives your pre-bleached blonde hair the lightest platinum or silvery shade. The violet-blue undertones of this toner will cancel out the yellow-orange tones in your hair.

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2. Ash

  • T14 – Pale Ash Blonde

T14 - Pale Ash Blonde

Earlier known as the Silver Lady, this toner contains violet-blue undertones that add a pale grayish tint to your pre-lightened pale yellow tresses, resulting in a pale ash blonde hair color.

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  • T18 – Lightest Ash Blonde

T18 - Lightest Ash Blonde

To get rid of light brassy tones from your pre-bleached yellow hair, use this violet-based toner to obtain the lightest ash blonde tone. This toner was also formerly known as White Lady.

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3. Beige

Naturally black or dark brown hair tends to develop reddish-orange tones when bleached blonde. To cancel out those brassy hues, pre-lighten your hair to a golden-yellow shade and use one of the Wella Color Charm toners belonging to the Beige family, such as T15, T11, T27, and T35. This will help you get a captivating hair color that is a blend of beige and golden blonde shades.

  • T15 – Pale Beige Blonde

T15 - Pale Beige Blonde

Applying Wella Color Charm T15 toner on your pre-lightened golden yellow hair will leave your tresses with a pale beige blonde shade.

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  • T11 – Lightest Beige Blonde

T11 - Lightest Beige Blonde

When this violet-green toner is applied to yellow-hued hair, the result is a light shade of beige blonde.

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  • T27 – Medium Beige Blonde

T27 - Medium Beige Blonde

If you want to go for a slightly darker shade than the color obtained from the application of T11 toner, T27 is your best choice. It lifts your hair color to a medium beige blonde.

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  • T35 – Beige Blonde

T35 - Beige Blonde

By canceling out the reddish-orange tones in your golden-hued hair, this violet-green toner gives you the perfect shade of beige blonde.

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After you’ve decided on the toner you want to use, follow the instructions given in the next section to even out your hair color.

How To Use Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner

What You Need

  • Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner
  • 10 or 20 volume developer*
  • Gloves
  • Old t-shirt
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Glass bowl
  • Shower cap

*Developer of a higher volume should be used only under the supervision of a professional hair colorist.


  1. Mix the toner and developer in the glass bowl in a 1:2 ratio (i.e., one part of the toner and two parts of the developer). Do a strand test to see how long it takes to attain the desired result.
  1. Make sure that your hair is damp before applying the toner. Then, put on your hand gloves and wear an old T-shirt to avoid staining your hands and clothes.
  1. Clip up the top layers of your hair to start the toning process from the bottom section of your hair.
  1. Apply the toner evenly to small sections of your hair, from the roots to the tips, with the hair coloring brush. Once you are done applying with the bottom section of your hair, move to the top section.
  1. After you have applied toner to all your hair, put on a shower cap and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Don’t panic if the toner looks purple or blue on your hair – it’s just a part of the toning process.
  1. After the instructed time, rinse off the toner thoroughly with cool water. Don’t use shampoo, but moisturize your hair with a conditioner. Don’t wash your hair with a shampoo for 24 hours to prevent the toner from fading before it has fully set in.

You already know that colored hair requires a lot of maintenance. Well, toned hair requires its own set of maintenance tips that you need to follow to keep it looking fresh. Check them out in the next section.

Tips For Maintaining Toned Hair

  • If you want your toned hair to last longer, use a dry shampoo or a sulfate-free shampoo twice a week instead of washing it with a regular shampoo.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner 2-3 minutes before washing your hair. This conditions your hair and prevents brassy tones from occurring again. Using a purple shampoo or a purple conditioner once a week also works.

Hair toner is like a magic potion that can give you the hair color of your dreams. And no one does it better than Wella Color Charm. So, what are you waiting for? Try out Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toners and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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