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ERX Pro – For men, there is nothing worse than being unable to prove their virility. A potency disorder or even an impotence can make their lives difficult and have serious consequences for their psyche. ERX Pro provides the remedy. The herbal power means sustainably increases the sexual desire of men and helps them to be steadfast in bed again. Erectile dysfunction may be due to stress or infection as well as age. The erectile tissue in the penis is no longer adequately supplied with blood and can therefore no longer be stiff. ERX Pro It starts at this point and promotes the natural circulation of the male member. In addition, it reduces stress-related tension and promotes physical and cognitive performance. Which ingredients in ERX Pro are included and how their effect on the male body is, is explained in more detail below. In addition, answers to the most important questions and experiences regarding the product can be found.

The Ingredients of ERX Pro and their effect on the male Body

Damiana: Damiana belongs to the Aphordisiaka and grows in Central and South America. The plant was already used by the Maya to increase manpower. It enhances the skin sensitivity of the consumer and creates a strong aphrodisiac effect, evoking erotic feelings.

Ashwagandha root: The anti-inflammatory root known from Ayurvedic medicine grows in the Indian region and serves as an adaptogen. It enhances resistance to any emotional and physical strain. Although it has a sedative effect and can be used to reduce stress, it promotes sexual vitality. This can use the root to balance his state of mind. It also helps against sleep disorders and relieves inflammation, which effectively counteract other triggers of stress.

Avena Sativa: The seed oat called Avena Sativa is used to increase sexual desire. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and the brain. This effectively stimulates the body. The seed oats are also used to heal skin injuries. This is especially beneficial if the genitalia is permanently irritated.

ERX Pro active Ingredients

Ginkgo Biloba: The Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese tree species from whose leaves performance-enhancing extracts are obtained. These stimulate the mental clarity whereby the consumer can increase his concentration. Ginkgo’s ingredients improve both short- and long-term memory and increase reaction times. In addition to relieving mental and physical tension, Ginkgo Extract is also able to reduce inhibition and anxiety.

Korean ginseng: Korean ginseng contains ginsenosides and ginseoids that stimulate the formation of blood vessels. As a result, the circulation in the brain is sustainably increased. Protein synthesis in the brain is also increased as well as the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, which actively improves memory and cognitive abilities. Furthermore, the Korean ginseng is appetizing. In addition, an effective defense against stress and stress-related infectious diseases is built up. Since the male member is sufficiently supplied with blood again, it can completely rebuild.

Lepidium Meyenii: The Lepidium Meyenii or Maca is the ideal means of increasing sexual performance. The tuber, also known as Peruvian ginseng, increases the desire for sex and gives the man the necessary energy. His stamina is also strengthened, as the blood flow to the brain and his penis is promoted. In addition to the stimulation of mental activity, the Lepidium Meyenii also increases the physical capacity. That the sperm count is increased by the consumption of the tuber, is a pleasing side effect.

Muirapuama: The extract extracted from the roots and the wood of the tree is used to relieve pain. Furthermore, all complaints can be largely decimated thanks to the Muirapuama. Due to the analgesic properties, the man achieves a higher stamina.

Saw Palmetto: The saw palmetto grows mainly in the southeast of the USA. It has a calming effect on the nerves thanks to the abundance of phytosterols that are in it. In addition, it is rich in fatty acids, which support a healthy digestion positively. In addition, the ingredients have a positive effect on urinary tract symptoms. As a result, the consumer feels strengthened and last longer during sex.

How does ERX Pro work?

The penis contains the so-called Corpora Cavernosa. These are two spongy cavernous bodies. When the man is aroused, they fill up with blood, causing the penis to stiffen. In men with erectile dysfunction, these cavernous bodies are disturbed in their function. Such vasoconstrictions are caused for example by stress or stress-related tensions. ERX Pro uses it and, thanks to its natural ingredients, it improves blood circulation. In addition, Corpora Cavernosa can absorb more blood when used regularly. As a result, the penis becomes very hard again during an erection.

How and in what Quantity is ERX Pro taken?

Since the crucial ingredients of ERX Pro in 17-fold strength were extracted from the respective plants, a correct dosage is mandatory. To simplify this, ERX Pro is taken orally in the form of tablets. It is recommended to take a sip of water in addition. The tablets are taken independently of the meals. The timing of this can also be chosen at will. Just two tablets a day are enough to effectively increase potency and pleasure.

How long does it take for ERX Pro to work?

It usually takes between twenty and thirty minutes for ERX Pro to fully develop its effect. In some cases, however, this can happen earlier. Ideally, ERX Pro is taken over a longer period of time. For example, lasting success in fighting erectile dysfunction can be achieved.

What Side effects can occur?

Since ERX Pro consists purely of vegetable ingredients, no side effects occur under normal conditions. However, the consumer should first check whether there is an intolerance or allergy to any of the ingredients.

Can I Consume alcohol while taking it?

Consumption of alcohol while taking ERX Pro is not recommended. Nevertheless, the effect is hardly limited with smaller amounts of alcohol.

Is ERX Pro Prescription?

ERX Pro can be purchased over the counter.

Where is ERX Pro Available?

ERX Pro can only be obtained via the online shop on the manufacturer’s website. The product is distributed in United States, Canada, Austria and U.K.

How much is ERX Pro?

There are four different offers altogether. The higher the order quantity of ERX Pro, the cheaper the bottles will be. In addition, the customer gets more bottles for higher order quantities. The manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product, the full purchase price will be refunded within this period.

Does the Health Insurance Cover the Costs for ERX Pro?

The health insurance companies do not support the acquisition of ERX Pro unfortunately.

Reviews about ERX Pro

“Thanks to ERX Pro, I stay the whole night through. My wife and I finally have long and good sex without any tension. I am very excited and definitely recommend the product. ”

ERX Pro experience”I was able to gain mostly positive experiences with ERX Pro. At first I had the feeling that not much changes. But for a few days I can last longer. Anyone expecting a remedy that gives them an erection immediately after taking them is in the wrong place with ERX Pro. The effect is noticeable only after a long time, but then it is outstanding. ”

“Since I use ERX Pro, I finally have enduring and intense sex without having to worry. I feel more confident and masculine than ever. The effect has convinced me why I do not want to miss ERX Pro anymore. ”

“Taking ERX Pro is a breeze. Twice a day I take a tablet and have been for a long time. My love life has reached a new level and at the beginning of 50. My wife and I enjoy our time together again and we have a lot of fun in bed. I have absolutely no more erectile dysfunction and can easily have sex several times a day without having to restrict myself. ERX Pro has given my life a higher quality. Many Thanks.”

ERX Pro review“At first, I was skeptical that a pure herbal remedy could really help, but then I convinced myself. For a low price, I found in ERX Pro a potency remedy that causes no side effects. I take the recommended daily allowance and feel better than ever. My penis gets really hard again in the erected state and I last longer in bed. My partner and I are very grateful that we came across ERX Pro, because since then we regularly have extremely good sex. “

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