Chrissy Teigen Is a Total Sagittarius Mom – See 11 Other Moms Repping Their Zodiac Signs

As someone who once believed that zodiac signs were total BS, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my being stubborn was actually a result of being a Pisces (touché, astrology). Although not everyone is a perfect match to the sign they’re born into, it’s hard to deny that most people do loosely fit into their given horoscope, and not many others. And those signs can say a lot about who we are as individuals, friends, lovers, and parents.

For the following celebrities, various aspects of their astrological signs appear to have influenced the parents we know them to be based on stories about their kids, what we see on social media, and how they outwardly portray themselves as moms. Read ahead to see how each celebrity mom parents based on her zodiac sign – we promise, no matter how you feel about horoscopes, most of these are scary accurate.

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