Athletic Greens Reviews – Does It Realy Work or Scam?

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Athletic Greens do not believe in scare tactics and future worries. But a happy life is close to my heart and that includes for me in the first place health. In order for it to do all we can, I eat healthy; ie for me besides enjoying a nutritious, varied diet of fresh food.

We do not know everything about nutrition and may never be able to say with certainty whether and how the consumed nutrients in the body to arrive and whether they still fulfill their intended function: There is no guarantee. But you can try and do his best.

From nutritional supplements I think much as they are taken out of context of the whole food: A food is more than the sum of its individual components. If you want to provide optimally with nutrients, should access to real food – that’s my attitude, even for the sake of the food culture.

But not always you have the possibility of doing this. Travelers or athletes to competitions often simply lack the opportunity to eat as desired, often long term. To get supplied with nutrients, then a nutritional supplement can be useful. We still do not know whether really everything arrives in the body where we’d like – but we can try it. The supplement is then a kind of emergency assistance, insurance.

For me, I solve this dilemma with Athletic Greens. It fulfills precisely this requirement. If I know that I did not begin to eat enough vegetables or going to eat-especially over several Day I suppose Athletic Greens, to ensure that my body has what it needs for optimum performance. It does not hurt and it actually tastes decent.

What’s Athletic Greens?

AG2-2 Athletic Greens is a beverage full of nutrients from raw vegetables. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and greens. Among the more than 75 ingredients are found beyond pre- and probiotics and enzymes. The drink is in this way the daily requirement of micronutrients over cover, give an energy boost and stimulate digestion. Most important thing is that these nutrients are present in a natural ratio.


Why do I find Athletic Greens Good?

All my reservations still apply: I do not think much of such agents. But if me no alternative real food stays in shape and I have a choice, do I access Athletic Greens. My reasons:


It consists of whole foodstuffs.

It does not contain a scrap in the form of synthetic chemicals, dyes, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, no genetically modified material, no pesticides or herbicides, no grain, no dairy, no gluten, no corn, no lactose, sucrose or dextrose, eggs, yeast or peanuts, and no animal products. It is the cleanest product of its kind that I could find so far.

It affects digestion. Who does not have time for real food, the intestine can not properly digest often. Again helps Athletic Greens.

The taste is ok. There are no handmade gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce, no chocolate mousse and not a cheesecake. But Athletic Greens tastes really neat, fresh and never repulsive. Compared with other agents of this type, anyway.

The price is high, but adequate. I will not reckon how many servings of fruits and vegetables Athletic Greens replaced and you’ll actually save money. That would be nonsense. Athletic Greens is a dietary supplement and compared with alternative products is low when one considers the extremely high quality. Of course there are cheaper funds. You get what you pay for.

Try them out without risk

Athletic Greens will cost a lot of money. Compared with other, high-quality products, but the price seems competitive. Athletic Greens offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So confident are they of their product. Is also part of marketing? Of course. But it’s also an honest offer that can be used. It shows that Athletic Greens are not interested in individual sales, but on a long relationship with its clients. This only works with satisfied customers. Of course, they also want to make money. These are the constraints of life that apply to all of us.


Caution: While I have tried here to talk you out of buying food supplements, it is so over at Athletic Greens. The following link takes you to the product and trying to make you this possible tasty. Click only on if you previously about are exactly clear about whether you really need such a product. Once again, only to very few people meet the ever to, and then only rarely.  Athletic Greens there is a 50% discount. Click here for listing.


Your purchase also supports Urgeschmack

I get daily deals from companies that would like to promote and sell products over Urgeschmack. Really daily. You see the confidence my readers and speculate on light sales. I offer them money in return. And I refuse. For years. Urgeschmack is not primarily a way to make money for me. I write the article carefully and with conviction, because I want to help people. And most of the products offered do not help. However, I caused by Urgeschmack high costs. Athletic Greens is after many years the first time a product that has convinced me and gives me the opportunity to refinance the effort invested in good conscience. Even if I would never take it best.

Where to Buy?

If you Athletic Greens buy on one of the links above, I receive a commission. Athletic Green not local available it’s  only available online on official website.



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