Are You Hungry an Hour After You Eat? A Trainer Shares 6 Tips to Help You Feel Full

Does hunger creep in an hour or two after you’ve just eaten? All-day hunger can not only make you overeat your daily calories, but eating all day also keeps insulin levels high, and you need low insulin levels in order to tap into your stored fat. Feeling hungry all day also makes you irritable and more likely to reach for not-so-healthy foods.

Fitness and lifestyle coach Marci Nevin (@marcinevin on Instagram) said in a recent post, “What you eat at one meal directly impacts what and how much you eat at the next, so it’s helpful to keep hunger to a minimum if you want to stay on track.” Incorporate these six eating tips to help you feel full for hours so you can spend less time thinking about food, which can help you feel happier and reach your weight loss or fitness goals.

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