8 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Jealous

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster that has threatened and even destroyed the most secure of relationships. In the content that is streamed or broadcasted on our TV and laptop screens, jealousy is often portrayed as a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of great love stories. Just a way for a man/woman to process their very valid feelings of insecurity regarding their relationship.

Granted, getting a little peeved because your SO spends most of his/her time on that 6-inch screen of theirs’ is natural. But if this is a frequent occurrence, it may be time for you to take a look at your relationship seriously. If it goes unchecked for far too long, then it might be destructive for your relationship and the fallout from that can affect other spheres of your life as well.

So, how would one come to know if their partner is being jealous? Well, you can gauge that by looking out for these subtle signs.

1. They Are Always Checking Up On You

They Are Always Checking Up On You


If you’re spending a few nights apart from your partner or if you are traveling by yourself, then in that case if your SO is calling or pinging you frequently to see how you’re doing, it’s completely alright.

However, if this is a regular fixture, especially when you’re spending an evening with friends or just unwinding with your colleagues, then such calls might be an attempt to isolate you from others or keep a tab on your social interactions.

2. They have An Issue Whenever You Suggest Doing Something Without Them

They have An Issue Whenever You Suggest Doing Something Without Them


It’s great that you spend most of your time with your SO. In such scenarios, it’s quite common for one to feel lonely or listless in their absence but that doesn’t mean one can’t have a life away from their partner. Couples in healthy relationships spend as much time together as they do away from each other.If your partner gets restless the moment you suggest doing something on your own, you need to get to the bottom of this.

3. They Have Issues With Your Friendships

They Have Issues With Your Friendships


All relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. Despite that, if your partner digs out issues with your friendships and is consistently doing it, then your partner has become a victim of the green-eyed monster. The reason behind them being jealous could also be that they are insecure about your relationship and think that you are likely to find someone else in your peer group.

4. They Stalk You On Your Social Media

They Stalk You On Your Social Media


If your bae is the first to comment on all photos or videos you post on your social media, then it might be possible that they are keeping a tab on you by stalking your social media handles. It’s true that many of our romantic entanglements take shape in these very platforms, so liking a post or commenting on it can genuinely be a way of them showering you with affection. However, if everything you post is up for discussion between the two of you, you need to pay closer attention to how and what they are reacting to on your social media presence.

5. It’s An Issue If You Mention Someone Else

It’s An Issue If You Mention Someone Else


Everyone has a past, there’s no denying that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are in a mature relationship, you and your partner would probably be aware of each other’s past and be okay with it too. However, if your SO is the jealous type you might see him/her get irked every time you discuss your previous boyfriends/girlfriends or if you talk about someone who you find attractive. This is a red flag.

6. They “Joke” About You Cheating On Them

They “Joke” About You Cheating On Them


If you find your lover saying this statement, “I was just kidding”, way too many times just to ease off the tension s/he just created, then it’s time you stop taking it as a joke and understand what the real intention behind it is. It might be that s/he is expressing their true feelings through the safety of a defense mechanism. It surely indicates that they have been struggling with feelings of jealousy.

7. They Attempt To Control Your Behaviour

They Attempt To Control Your Behaviour


It’s fine if you lay out a few ground rules in your relationship, in fact, everyone does it. However, if your partner is constantly telling you what to do and how to do it, then there might be something fishy. If they constantly need you to pay attention to them, praise you in front of your friends’ and family, it’s a sign of insecurity.

8. You Have To Give A Detailed Account Of Your Day To Them

You Have To Give A Detailed Account Of Your Day To Them


All of us lead busy lives, and it so happens that sometimes we don’t even get to know what’s happening in our partner’s life nor are they aware of what’s happening in ours. In these circumstances, it’s quite normal for the couple to give each other updates about their day via calls or over texts. But if it happens every day, despite the fact that you spend a lot of time together, then it’s certainly not healthy.

Jealousy is like a termite, it seems insignificant but it has the power to corrode any relationship. If your partner is jealous, try to see what is troubling them and address their concerns. This is the only way you can keep your relationship from imploding.

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