8 Crucial Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded Stomach Flu

Hello, stomach flu!

Meet winter’s Public Enemy No. 1: norovirus, also known as stomach flu or the cruise ship virus. Norovirus is everywhere: Responsible for around 20 million illnesses in the U.S. every year, it’s associated with more than two-thirds of outbreaks of gastroenteritis (infection of the stomach), almost half of gastroenteritis-related hospitalizations—and 86 percent of deaths. It’s the most common culprit in children’s stomach infections. Here are some clear signs of getting sick you should look out for.

You can catch norovirus from an infected person, a contaminated surface, or contaminated food and water (ick alert: It’s spread by droplets of fecal matter and vomit). It’ll aggravate to your stomach and intestines, which can cause intense pain and nasty vomiting and diarrhea that’ll keep you within a 10-foot radius of a toilet for about a full day or two.

Getting sick can often be inevitable if you’re exposed to the germs. But these tips may help protect you and your family (and help you recover safely if you do fall ill).

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