7 Weird Hair Tricks That Really Work

Messy bun or a high ponytail? Straighten it or curl it? Dry shampoo or a hair wash? Well, these are the questions we keep asking ourselves every day because taking care of our crowning glory isn’t an easy task. More often than not, 24 hours aren’t enough for us to go about our daily errands; and to squeeze extra time to take care of our tresses seems almost impossible. Be it the way we tie our ponytail or the way we wash it, we could always use some unusual tricks to save time and help ourselves manage our hair better. Here they are-

7. Ditch The Hair Dryer, Pick A T-Shirt

 Ditch The Hair Dryer, Pick A T-Shirt

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As soon as you walk out of the shower, looking as fresh as daisies with drippy hair, you reach out to that fluffy towel to soak up the water in your hair. You try to wrap it around your hair, rub your strands with it, flip your hair to the sides and try all kinds of acrobatic feats with in an attempt to dry it. But your hair still seems wet and drippy. Now, you decide to finally reach out to the hair dryer. We say, abort the mission. Instead of using heat to dry your hair, just get your hands on an old t-shirt of yours and wrap your hair in it. You will see that your tee is more water absorbent than the towel. Also, rubbing your hair with the towel will damage the cuticle of your hair and make it frizzy. Instead, use a soft tee to pat dry.

6. Condition Your Hair To Stay Safe From Chlorine

Condition Your Hair To Stay Safe From Chlorine


Condition, condition, and condition! That’s the golden rule you should follow to keep your hair healthy and smooth. But, did you know that this slimy, soft substance could actually protect your hair from the clasp of the harmful chlorine? All you have to do is to wet your hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner into your hair. Leave it wet. When you jump into the pool, your hair will soak up the conditioner instead of the chlorine water and prevent your hair from fading and drying.

5. Straighten Up The Smart Way

 Straighten Up The Smart Way


At what temperature do you straighten your hair? Do you always keep it on low so that you don’t damage your tresses? Although you set the temperature at an all-time low, you go over your hair a couple of times just to press it flat and straight. That itself causes enough damage to your hair. To reduce damage, instead of setting the temperature at low, set it at a medium-high level and straighten your hair quickly. Don’t forget to use acai oil before you use the flat iron.

4. No Time To Wash Your Hair? Try A Cocoa-Based Dry Shampoo

No Time To Wash Your Hair Try A Cocoa-Based Dry Shampoo


Although our hair feels oily and dirty because of the pollution and heat, we can’t jump into the shower every day for a hair wash, can we? So what do we do then? Dry shampoo is all we need to add freshness to our hair.For light colored hair, we can use cornstarch, and for darker shades of hair we can mix cornstarch and cocoa powder in equal portions with a dash of cinnamon and rub it through the scalp. Upon combing, one can notice how refreshed the locks feel.

3. Silky Pillowcase For Silky Smooth Hair

Silky Pillowcase For Silky Smooth Hair


Have you noticed strands of hair on your pillowcase or bedspread? That happens due to breakage and damage that occurs due to tossing and turning around in bed. Added to that, the texture of cotton and other fabrics create friction and cause the hair to break. It would be a good alternative to use silk pillowcases and silk sheets for the bed to avoid hair breakage and tangles. The bonus is the luxurious look it adds to your bedroom.

2. Tame The Baby Hair With A Toothbrush

Tame The Baby Hair With A Toothbrush


Cowlicks and baby hairs are extremely irksome. You can’t tie them, you can’t brush them, they don’t stick even when you use a serum on them. What do you do? You use a toothbrush! No kidding, take an old toothbrush and spray some hair spray on it. Brush your hair with this and you’ll notice that the baby hairs stay put in their designated place.

1. Fake A Voluminous Pony

Fake A Voluminous Pony


Amp up your pony with a hair clip trick. Pull your hair back in a ponytail at the back of your crown. Secure it with a thin hair tie. Now split the pony into two sections. On the lower section of the hair, use a small-medium sized claw clip. Add the other section of hair over this and hide the clip, place it well with dry shampoo. This adds an illusion of a voluminous pony.

Bonus: Easy And Natural Highlights With Lemon

Easy And Natural Highlights With Lemon


Want to get easy highlights for the summer but running low on money? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Squeeze an entire lemon into a bowl. Remove the seeds. Take a clean toothbrush and dip it into the juice. With the help of this brush, comb through sections of your hair. Once you have applied lemon juice thoroughly, go sit in the sun for about 45-60 mins. Repeat this once or twice in 2 weeks. You’ll see natural highlights.

Did you know of these tricks before? As unusual as these tricks are, they are definitely easy on the pocket, time-savers, and are totally worth trying. What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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