7 Things Your Sleeping Position Tells About You

With so much going in all our lives, we seldom think of giving ourselves some serious shut-eye. We postpone our naps and our bedtimes in favor of all those things that we need to do, such as surf our Instagram feed, follow tweets, etc. You don’t really need me to tell you that it’s the wrong thing to do.

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining our good health and well-being throughout our life on this earth. It’s only when we are asleep that our body starts to work on our brain’s health and other aspects of physical health. In fact, how our next day goes depends on how well we’ve slept the previous day.

Okay, enough about the importance of sleeping well. Do you know that the manner in which we sleep can actually predict our personality traits? Yes, the way we sleep on our cozy beds can actually depict certain traits of our character. We’re sure you are eager to know how, so let’s read about it together now.

7. Do You Sleep Curling Up?

Do You Sleep Curling Up


Yeah, we’re asking if you sleep in a position similar to one adopted by little babies, by curling up on the bed. It’s true that sleeping has its own body language which communicates about the personality of the body. And if you’re one among those who sleep on their side in a fetal position, then sensitive is the word for you. Sleeping this way communicates that you are a very sensitive person. Although you never really show that side of yours to everybody around you. You prefer to wear the mask of a tough person to go about your everyday life.

6. Do You Sleep Like You Were A Log?

Do You Sleep Like You Were A Log


Okay, did we confuse you with the word ‘log’ here? What we mean to ask is if you sleep with your arms on your sides. If yes, then you’re a person who is extremely easy-going. You’re probably very social, to an extent that every stranger you meet trusts right from the very first meeting. However, you can at times, turn out to be very gullible. Sleeping like a log is a common sleeping position. Now I know the sleeping position of all those people who love socialising!

5. Do You Sleep With Your Arms Stretched In Front?

Do You Sleep With Your Arms Stretched In Front


This sleeping position is called as “yearning log.”  Because you’re sleeping here like a log, except that your hands are positioned in a manner that it seems like you’re reaching out for something. This position is indicative that you are yearning for something or probably want someone around. This sleeping position indicates that you have a pleasant nature. You take time to make up your mind on certain things. But once you’ve made up your mind, you’re not going to change it ever.

4. Do You Sleep On Your Tummy?

Do You Sleep On Your Tummy


We might think of this position to be the most hassle-free position to sleep in. However, doctors strictly don’t recommend pregnant women, women who have large breasts, and those who have neck and back problems to sleep this way.
Coming to the personality point, stomach sleepers are known to be leaders. They are very impulsive, love taking initiatives, and have control over both their personal as well as professional life. They don’t like surprises and have a habit of planning everything well in advance.

3. Do You Sleep Like A Soldier?

Do You Sleep Like A Soldier


If you’re someone who sleeps like a soldier in the attention position with your arms spread out on your sides, then, you’re a person who adjusts well with everyone. You know what you have to achieve in life, and you work towards it on your own. You are strict, demanding, and pedantic. They say that the pros of sleeping this way on your back is that when you wake up, you truly feel very refreshed. And the con of this sleeping position is that your throat becomes a bit narrow, which can make you snore.

2. Do You Sleep Like A Freestyler?

Do You Sleep Like A Freestyler


Although it’s very unlikely that you keep changing positions while sleeping, there are quite a few who do exactly this. It’s almost as if their bed is their marked territory and they make sure they keep ticking around in a circle like the hands of a clock. The truth is that we tend to be as active in sleep at night as we are during the day when we are awake. They say people who sleep like this are very hyperactive in nature. They’re into a lot of things in life, they love multitasking a lot. They toss and turn their way to their goals just like they do in their sleep.

1.Do You Sleep With One Leg Raised?

Do You Sleep With One Leg Raised


Do you actually sleep with a leg raised like you were a heron? If yes, then this goes on to say that you have a very unpredictable personality. You are an adventure seeker and your moods change so rapidly that it confuses the people around you. You’re always on the lookout for peace in life.

Amazing, isn’t it? Our sleeping positions can tell so much about us. Now we know that sleep doesn’t just make our body healthy, it also signals about our characteristics to others. There’s meaning in everything, even in sleep. So which of the above is you? Let us know in the comments below.

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