7 Signs He Is Deeply In Love With You, Even If He Doesn’t Say it

I love you – these three words have the power to transform the most banal day into the most special one of your life. More so, if they are from someone who occupies a special corner in your heart. But not everyone is comfortable articulating these words out loud.

There are some among us who struggle to put their feelings into word, even though their gestures might betray them. And if the subject of your affection belongs to this category, it becomes quite a task to ascertain their feelings without hounding them or making them feel awkward.

Our dear reader, if you have clicked on this article, after reading the title, we are very well aware of your haale-e-dil. And because we are your wing-women par excellence, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help reveal his true feelings for you, lurking in the deepest corners of his heart, even if he doesn’t put them in words. So girls, here is your map to the deepest crevices and nooks of his heart, read on and reach your destination!

1. He Puts Your Needs Above His

 He Puts Your Needs Above His


From getting you the window seat on the bus to giving you company while you shop for a dress to wear to your friend’s wedding, he takes care of every minute detail to make sure you get everything you want. It doesn’t matter if he has to miss a game or two with his friends, as long as he manages to get you to smile. Since self-preservation is a basic human instinct, the fact that he is going against it should be enough to convince you that you have his heart.

2. He Really Listens To You

He Really Listens To You


Not the absent-minded hmmms or aahs, he really engages all his auditory faculties when conversing with you. He follows every thread of your conversation, no matter how long winding, or tangential it is, and that too, eagerly. This is a true hallmark, that you mean a lot to him and that he really wants to be on the inside of your life, rather than being on the outside looking in.

3. You’re Always The First Person He Calls

You’re Always The First Person He Calls


Are you the first person to know of every big and small happening in his life? Does he call you immediately after he receives a pat on the back form his boss? Are you the first person he lets in when he is at his lowest? If you answered in affirmative, then you can be almost a hundred percent sure, that you are more than just a “good friend”. After all, you only share stuff with those about whom you care, right?

4. He Remembers All The Important Details

He Remembers All The Important Details


Even your mother might miss out on these details, but that would never happen with him. The friend you talked about, he would remember his name. The fight you had in the office with your colleague, he will ask for an update on that. Your favorite color, season, and even, dessert. These are the details, he would never miss. And it should be enough to give you a peek at his true feelings for you.

5. He Is Your No.1 Cheerleader

 He Is Your No.1 Cheerleader


Remember, your true love is not someone who lets you wallow in your mediocrity. Rather, it’s someone who pushes you to be the best version of yourself. And the gentleman in question personifies this idea. He will encourage you to take a shot at your dreams, ask you to take the risk. All the while, cheering you from the sidelines. And if you already have someone in your life doing that for you, then that person is your Prince Charming!

6. He Is Very Respectful Towards Your Inner Circle

He Is Very Respectful Towards Your Inner Circle


If he is hitting on your BFF as soon as you leave the two of them alone, trust us, it is not meant to be. If he truly loves you, he will respect you and your friends and other members of your inner circle. He would try to get to know and make an effort to be extra nice to them because he knows they are important to you. And that is one of the biggest signs. He might as well be holding a shining beacon to declare his love for you.

7. He Is Always There For You

He Is Always There For You


This one, right here, sums it up best. A friend in need, but a true companion in every deed. He is the one who you call a 2 in the night when you’re too anxious to sleep. And he doesn’t seem too annoyed to answer you call, only concerned. Even if he can’t put it into words, this should be enough to convince you, that you are the one for him.

We hope these simple clues will help you solve the mysteries of his heart and get you the love of your life. If you have any other pointers that might give us a better insight into our beloved’s feelings, please share them with us in the comments section.

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