7 Happy Relationship Rules

How exactly would you define the word ‘relationship?’ Isn’t it something what we essentially make of? While most of the movies, especially the Bollywood ones continue to portray only the romantic aspects of a love relationship. We all know that it’s not just that, right? There are a zillion other things that are involved which help sustain all the ins and outs of your companionship with your partner.

If you’ve found yourself a perfect match, your efforts don’t end there. It’s only after your relationship has begun is when you’ll have to give your everything and work towards a successful relationship. Love relationships are special after all! And in the journey if you have your slips and some sour mistakes, it’s alright. You must never expect a relationship to be this ship that will sail on plain waves; the waves will definitely rock on the full moon. It’s a fact.

After having said so much, we realized we must’ve scared you (we didn’t mean to). We dug out some really simple rules, the happy ones which will help you enjoy your relationship with your loved one and keep the bond strong. Take a look. We’ve poured em (the secrets) for you.

1. Honesty, Is Indeed The Best Policy


We’ve been taught about this right from our kindergarten days. The only difference is back then we never understood what it meant and now we do. Be honest with your partner, it’s going to solve half or more of your relationship complications by just this one step. We’re not asking you to explain every detail to your partner here. Just be vocal about how you’re feeling both inside the relationship and outside.

2. Argue. It’s Healthy!


Yep! We highly recommend this. How can you call it a successful relationship when you’re scared to voice out your disagreement? You need to feel safe in your relationship to an extent that you can fight for what you think is right or wrong. And it could be matters outside your relationship as well.

3. It Isn’t Both Of Your Jobs To Fix Each Other


We swear by this! Each one of us has our quirks and our x-factors, don’t we? If you have certain problems with your partner’s behavior, it’s better to keep it out in open in front of them. And it’s up to them if they want to change it or not. You shouldn’t force them to change and neither should they force you to. And if ever any one of you fall into the dreadful world of depression, give each other the care and support to fix yourself on your own. Don’t dictate a fix or a change on each other.

4. A Small Gesture Is All It Takes To Keep The Love Blooming


Develop the habit to be thoughtful towards your partner. Find time and make them feel special. Show them how lucky you are to have them in your life. A tight, warm hug every day after they’re back home or whenever you meet them is all it takes to make them blush and look all cute to your eyes. Love is in the air and will always be until and unless you do things to blow it away (sigh). So express and let your partner about your love.

5. It’s A Good Idea To Trust Your Intuitions


Nobody can understand the relationship between the two of you better than the two of you. It’s your partner and you who know the equation that you both share. Therefore, if there is any misunderstanding, any issue or problem whatsoever – always remember to think over the situation you both are in and find a solution. Advise yourself first, understand what your intuitions are pointing at and then think about asking for help form others.

6. Perfection Is Boring


It’s a reality that everybody should understand according to us. Nobody can be perfect! And even if your partner does show perfection, you very well know it cannot stay forever. And these facts apply to you as well. It’s fun to share a laugh over each other’s imperfections. If you both are going to be perfect, trust us, the relationship can get pretty boring.

7. Acknowledging Each Other’s Past


If you’re someone without a past, well, lucky you! But there are plenty of individuals out there who’ve dealt with heartbreaks, fought hard to get up, and gather the courage to love again. Be proud of your partner if they share their past relationship stats with you. Acknowledge it. Be happy that you were told about it. And help them deal with it the right way if they haven’t been able to completely get out of it.

Love can happen people, but for a relationship to happen and last requires lots of love and care. We’re sure you are keeping your partners and yourself happy in your relationship. But if ever any crack surfaces, fill it up with the gyaan that we’ve given you now. Happy loving and happy relationship to all of you!

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