7 Funny Relationship Facts That You Can Definitely Relate To

Love. As much as this word sounds beautiful to the world, we all know how highly unpredictable the journey of love is. Every relationship has its own story of the two partners coming together, you know, the Jab We Met stories. Each story is unique in its own way, for we know that when it comes to the matter of the heart — the heart paves its own path, the path to which it beats the most. And if you’re going to sit down and try to figure every path out, it’s only a waste of time (trust us on that). However, there are certain facts about a love relationship that remain the same. You know, the everyday struggles, the cuddles, the pacification, the annoyance, the romance etc.

Firstly, we made a list of some of the most hilarious facts about relationships. But then we thought that we’ll put them forth for you in a much cuter way. And now on social media, if there is anything that says “cute,” “couple,” and “love” it has to be the adorable comic illustrations of couples, right? We’re sure we’ve been stumbling on at least of one of them every day and sharing them with the love of your life, saying, “That’s so you” or “That’s so us!”

Let’s go through some comic illustrations that take a peek into every relationship’s funny side. We’re really hoping that you’ll love this (fingers crossed).

1. The Story Telling

The Story Telling

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Haven’t we seen this with couples around us? So what if we haven’t dated anybody yet? Often times, we come across couples where the girl goes on and on with her gyaan through her stories while on a coffee date with her partner. The girl herself knows that she isn’t making any sense but she just continues to chat away just to watch her boyfriend look at her with love and adore her.

2. The Heart Emoji (Red Only)

The Heart Emoji (Red Only)

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How many of you cupid-struck couple here are obsessed with sending each other the red heart emoji? Every message of the two of you has to either start or end with a heart in it. Your girlfriend probably collects all of the hearts you sent her throughout the day and sleeps with it. This looks both funny and cute at the same time to us. Because we heart you too!

3. The Snapchat Filter Love

The Snapchat Filter Love

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Everybody is addicted to the filters of Snapchat. They are cute and hilarious, both at the same time. And as couples, don’t we always end up taking a selfie with funny filters and send it to our partners? We always go for the most hilarious filters if we have to share the selfie with our partners. We do it with the thought that they might only find us cuter by every such absurd selfie we share. And the truth is that funny selfies win over those on-point-model-face selfies

4. I See Beauty In Your Booty

I Boo, Booty Love You

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Has your girlfriend ever been attracted to your booty too? Raise your hands if that’s a yes peeps! It’s amazing how our partners pick very embarrassing and intimate parts of our body and just keep adoring them. While the rest of the world is still trying to decide whose eyes are more beautiful( Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ or Deepika Padukone’s), couples in love are crazy about each other’s peaches.

5. This Is Why I’m Stressed

This Is Why I’m Stressed

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Who can ever keep calm while in love, right? Even if there is any calm, why is there calm? That is a worry right there. We’re so convinced that love just cannot be easy, that you and your partner might often act funny with each other by worrying and fretting over absolutely nothing in life. Couples these days mainly follow the mantra of “stressed life is the best life” we guess (sigh).

6. The Problem Of Jokes

The Problem Of Jokes

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Togetherness is all about being together by balancing each other’s flaws. Now, the question here isn’t about the joke being lame or the partner being a tube light. It is about the comfort that you share as partners wherein you can laugh at a day old joke and still be cute about it.Even if you guys don’t understand each other’s jokes, there’s so much comfort amongst you two that you can just laugh at each other and be happy. Awww!

7. How About Some Matte Kisses?

How About Some Matte Kisses

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Definitely worth it, right boys? As much as you want your lady to wear the hottest shade of lipstick, you definitely wouldn’t want those lipstick marks on your shirt. But, you wouldn’t mind getting kissed by her, right? Most of the couples go through this cute nautanki wherein the girl dreads to kiss her boyfriend after wearing a lipstick. But for men, the case is quite the opposite. They love their women, her bright lipstick, and her kiss.

Humor in relationships is what keeps it alive. It’s like the battery that keeps your partner charged. We’re sure there are plenty of cute, hilarious moments in a couple’s life. But has any of the above happened to you in real? Let us know about the funny moments of your relationship in the comments below. Here’s wishing you all happy loving from our side!

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