6 Tips To Get Ready For Summer

Hasn’t the countdown to summer already begun? The onset of spring marks the beginning of erratic weather patterns,blooming flowers on the side lanes, and a peppy feeling in the air.As the temperatures gradually increase, we know it’s the summer knocking. This warm weather calls for picnics in the nearest park, beach holidays become everybody’s favourite ,women flaunt their floral dresses, and men put their best foot forward and everybody’s seen enjoying the tropical vibe.

And oh, not to forget, that it’s the time when some summer romances also take place. In short, summer is the month you’d want to look your fresh best even if it has to be coupled with a bit of tanning.

In summer, it’s a different skincare routine you need to follow. It’s also the only time of the year when you hop into your bathing suits without being conscious. From melt-proof makeup to summer-friendly hairstyles, there’s a lot that you need to gear up with to look your best during summers. To help you prep, we put up a quick, essential guide for you to know how to get summer ready, let’s read.

1. Grab Some Greens

Grab Some Greens


You can definitely go ahead and load your plates, glasses, and even your bowls with as many greens and veggiesas possible. It’s during the spring that a lot of fresh herbs grow and their produce is freshly available at all the nearest supermarkets too. Opt for the local organic produce if you can. It’s going to help you in trimming down your waistline and get healthy and summer-ready in no time.

2. You Need To Get Moving

You Need To Get Moving


Hot summer bods cannot be made in a jiffy. It needs a lot of hard work and dedication. So, there’s absolutely no miraculous spell here to achieve it. The first thing you’ll have to do here is to define your own body. Find out which areas of your body need extra attention and tone them down. Chalk out your workout routine keeping the lifestyle you live in. It will not only help you feel yourhealthy best, but even your body will feel like it’s cared for. We recommend doing bodyweight circuits which include squats, lunges, sit-ups, dips, tricep curls, and planks.

3. You Need To Don The Hat Of A Fluid Fanatic

You Need To Don The Hat Of A Fluid Fanatic


The only fluid you’ll need to love is H2O or anything which is light, fresh, and refreshing for your body and mind. So, stay away from those freakshakes or it’s going to freak your health out. Don’t indulge in calorie loaded drinks or fizzy alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and keep yourself super hydrated.

4. You Shouldn’t Do Any Of It Alone

You Shouldn’t Do Any Of It Alone


Don’t plan that summer plan just around yourself, okay? Socialize to keep your weight loss plans on track. We know that socializing is usually linked with foods and drinks. But the truth is that you can bond with people over fitness too. Imagine being a part of a group which will encourage you to build that summer body and help you push your limits while doing those pushups and crunches. Become a part of such a group that will be like a power community of wellness for you.

5. You Need A Different Skincare To Get Summer Ready Skin

You Need A Different Skincare To Get Summer Ready Skin


The quick transition from the cold frigid temperature to harsh bold summer temperatures can take a serious toll on your skin. It can be extremely challenging for your skin and just like how you get a wardrobe makeover for the summer, you need to change your skincare routine for the summer as well. Those heavy moisturizers you used for winter needs to be replaced with lightweight water-based moisturizers to help your skin remain hydrated. Exfoliation is a must for skin during summers. It will help the skin remain soft and supple. And those matte heavy lipsticks need to be replaced with fruity tinted lip balms.

6. You Also Need To Design Your Summer Wardrobe Beforehand

You Also Need To Design Your Summer Wardrobe Beforehand


Before you start receiving emails or notification from all the favorite brands that you follow saying their summer collection is on the floors now and ready to be picked up by you, you’ve got to make some summer space in your wardrobes. Take some time off in the evening and sit and organize your wardrobe. When you’re off to shop, lay your hands on the light summer colors and floral designs. Pick fabrics which are breathable and accessorize your looks with cute elements like a flower clip or a boho belt. Go for some statement sleeved tops instead of opting for the usual sleeveless ones.

If you’ve got all of the above points right before summer knocks on the door, you’re definitely summer ready. Summer is all about outdoors, therefore, make the best of it. Make the most of your summertime with family peeps!

Is there any other tip you’d want to add here? Let us know in the comments below.

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