6 Signs That Speak Out Loud About Your Health Problems

Did you know that our body communicates with us? It gives us signs about how it’s feeling and the problem it’s facing. And it’s always a good, in fact, a great idea for us to pay attention to its signals and find solutions to its problems ourselves.

That being said, a stroke, a heart attack, or any such serious health condition shouldn’t be the only way for you to figure how messed up your internal system is. We need to understand and identify the signs that our body gives to us before we get caught in the unpleasant circle of critical life-threatening diseases. Here’s a list of a few telltale signs that our body gives in order to warn us of upcoming health problems.

1. Teeth Damage

1. Teeth Damage


Doctors say that there are patients out there who don’t really feel any heartburn or any other acid reflux symptoms, but their teeth’s enamel starts to erode. And this, dear friends, is also a sign of acid reflux. You must’ve thought that your teeth are getting damaged as a result of the sugary drinks you’ve been consuming in copious amounts. But the fact of the matter is that the sugary drinks affect the front of the teeth while the acid from the esophagus dissolves the enamel at the back of your teeth (1). So, the next time you face this, understand that it can be due to problems related to acidity and visit a doctor and get immediate treatment for it.

2. Apple-Shaped Body

 Apple-Shaped Body


Due to unhealthy lifestyle practices that have become the norm now, chances of putting on weight are greater now. And overweight people basically fall into two categories — one is apple-shaped and the other is pear-shaped. Apple-shaped people are those who carry weight around their belly and waist. Pear-shaped people are those who carry weight around thighs and hips. While an overweight body in itself is a sign of an unhealthy body, it is an apple-shaped body that is the most dangerous (2). Such people are at a higher risk of contracting heart diseases when compared to others.

3. Dark Yellow Colored Urine

Dark Yellow Colored Urine


Hydration is a vital process that keeps your body hale and hearty. The easiest way to check if your body is well-hydrated or not is to check the color of your urine (3). If it’s clear then it’s a sign of a healthy body. If you’re seeing a lot of yellow when you peek into the toilet, then it clearly shows that your body isn’t getting enough fluids. Drink lots of water and drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices. And kindly stay away from carbonated and caffeinated drinks — all these will dehydrate your body.

4. Feeling Anxious

Feeling Anxious


We all live under the notion that anxiety is just a state of mind and nothing more than that. But, in actuality, anxiety is like a seed which is sown in our brain and as it germinates in our brain, it leads to bigger problems. And then it slowly affects the physiology of the body and makes us susceptible to diseases as critical as the heart diseases. Thinking that anxiety can take a toll only on our mental health is wrong. Of course, we know that anxiety is caused by the chaos in our heads, usually by unpleasant and worrisome thoughts that have been bothering us. So the best way to treat is to self analyze yourself emotionally and find the root cause of that anxiety.

5. Feeling Itchy

Feeling Itchy


You might feel itchy most of the times. It’s very difficult to curb the desire to itch when there’s skin irritation. While you might think that the itchiness can be a result of some skin allergy or probably because of overexposing your skin to the summer sun, there could be other reasons too. We tried to dig up a few of them in which one clearly says that itchiness can be a signal from your body that all’s not well with your liver.

6. Lips Begin To Crack (Specifically At The Corners)

Lips Begin To Crack (Specifically At The Corners)


Another term for cracked lips would be “cheilitis” which is basically a deficiency of vitamin B in our body. Vitamin B12 to be more specific. And we thought that cracked, chapped lips had to do with meager application of our favorite lip balms. If you’re suffering from cracked lips way too often, start eating foods that are rich in Vitamin B12.

Don’t ignore them and learn to listen to your body, because as creepy as it might sound, it’s always talking to you. They will help you unlock the power to be a healthier you. These subtle clues can help prevent your body from contracting a deadly health condition.

Are you facing any of these conditions? If you are, please visit a doctor and get yourself checked. Precaution is better than cure, right?

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