6 Everyday Products That Are Hiding Unpleasant Surprises

To counting the number of calories that are there in every morsel of food to making a pie chart depicting the portion of macro and micro nutrients one must have in order to have a balanced meal, our gen X has taken a renewed interest in the minutiae of what goes in their stomachs.

Learning about foods and their nutrient values is the shiz right now! Of course, we know that there are a whole lot of deadly effects of consuming too much sugar, processed food, etc. But have you looked at the everyday eats too? We mean the ones that you add to your grocery list every third day. Yes, even the healthiest-looking foods can be hiding unpleasant side effects in them. We tried to narrow down on a couple of commonly consumed foods which look healthy to us but are not so healthy in reality. Here’s what we found, take a look-

1. Shrimps



Shrimps have an unique ability to accumulate heavy metal components in and around their body (1). Therefore, it’s always a good idea to understand where these shrimps are coming from. Another major problem with shrimps is that they are a storehouse of cholesterol (2). Eating shrimps on a regular basis can spike your cholesterol levels. One way to cut down on your cholesterol while eating shrimps is to have it with a lot of veggies. The vegetables help to eliminate cholesterol.

2. Rice



We all know how rice is cultivated, right? The paddy fields are usually submerged in water. The flooded fields also pave the way for rice to enrich itself with all the inorganic arsenic, which is present in wet soil. If you’re someone who consumes rice regularly, you are increasing your chances of falling prey to diseases like diabetes, nervous system disorders, and even lung cancer.

However, several experiments have shown that if we soak the rice overnight and then cook it. The arsenic concentration of the rice goes down by nearly 80 percent(3).

3. Yogurt



Refrain from buying yogurt from supermarkets. They tend to contain preservatives, thickeners, and lots of other unhealthy components. They sure do appear healthy, but we know that they aren’t purely made of lactic acid and bacteria. While our daily dosage of sugar should not exceed six teaspoons, 100 grams of yogurt contains nearly 3 teaspoons of sugar (4). The best way to stay healthy and eat yogurt is to make it at home.

4. Moldy Cheese

Moldy Cheese


All these extravagant varieties of cheese — Dorblu, Roquefort, Camembert, and Brie do have quite a number of health benefits. From providing us the required calcium to keeping our cardiovascular system in the pink of its health, cheese does quite a bit of heavy lifting. But, we need to keep in mind that we shouldn’t be consuming more than 2 oz i.e. 50 grams of these kinds of cheese in a day. If we exceed this threshold, it makes your intestine unsuitable for the growth of the good bacteria. Besides, the molds of these cheeses contain ferments which can cause great allergies. Breastfeeding and pregnant women are especially asked to avoid white and blue cheese as they can contain listeria bacteria which can cause infectious diseases (5).

5. Chocolate-Covered Cookies

Chocolate-Covered Cookies


Chocolate-covered cookies are a favorite among all age groups. But if you are thinking it’s just chocolate that is covering them, then you’re wrong! That’s a huge chunk of fat which is covering the cookie. Eating them regularly will make you gain weight in a jiffy. Such products contain generous amounts of trans fat which are basically your golden ticket to cardiovascular diseases (6).

6. Ice Cream

Ice Cream


We are always under the notion that a little bit of ice cream indulgence is okay, after all, it’s just a derivative of milk But, there have been series of experiments by University of Georgia and other universities which show that when emulsifiers and thickeners are used together, they can cause changes in the microflora of our intestine which makes our body susceptible to inflammation and also, cancer (7). This mixture is added to make ice cream’s texture better and also to prevent it from melting immediately. Many have termed ice cream as nothing but a “fat bomb.” Studies have also proved that if girls eat a lot of ice cream during their puberty, they are likely to develop breast cancer (8).

Who would’ve thought these yummy, simple, everyday foods have the capability to cause harm to our bodies in the long run! Always make it a habit to know what you’re feeding your body. That way you’ll be able to build a healthier body yourself and not with the help of doctors. Do you have any addons on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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