5 Reasons Sassy Friends Are The Best Kinds Of Friends

Don’t we all have those friends who are sassy as hell? They make our life easy and they are our daily dose of entertainment. They are a combination of angels and demons. At times, we just want to have a simple, normal conversation with them but they won’t let it happen. They will load the conversation with so much sass that your life seems mundane. A simple conversation with them often ends up being something which is weird, off-beat, off-topic, and crude. Regardless, we would still never want to rob them of their attitude, no matter what. In fact, we think that sassy friends are the best kind of friends you can have around you. We’ll tell you why,

1. They Make Sure You Always Remain Grounded As A Person

They Make Sure You Always Remain Grounded As A Person


What you think; what you are sobbing over; all of it matters to them, but they are not here for meaningless whining. If they disagree with anything that you are holding onto in life, they are going to tell you like it is.No sugar-coating. If you’re being stupid and making a fuss about something silly and overacting to it, they will be the first ones to let you know. They will not sympathize with you. Instead, they will give you a piece of their mind that you probably deserve. But they are also going to let you know how to clean the mess that you’ve landed yourself into.

2. They Never Fail To Surprise You

They Never Fail To Surprise You


No, we’re not talking about them showering you with gifts. What we’re trying to say is that every time you think that now you can foretell their actions, boom! They manage to surprise you. And this isn’t bad a thing. You can never get annoyed with them because their insanity allows you to make sense of your insane life (we can picture you, readers, nodding your heads in agreement). What we mean to say is that they always manage to keep your life interesting.

3. They Are Special

They Are Special


You’re one lucky bum if you’ve such sassy friends in your life. Their absurd, weird but adorably unique personality is only going to benefit your life in the long run. They are bold, audacious, saucy, assertive, immodest, and unabashed. They have chosen to be all of these. And you have chosen them as your best friends, probably because you love that attitude of theirs. Well, at the end of the day, their unique friendship is something you will cherish forever.

4. They Make You Laugh Till Your Cheeks Hurt

They Make You Laugh Till Your Cheeks Hurt


If your best friends make you laugh and chuckle till your stomach hurts, what more could you ask for in life? Usually, we come across people who can pull jokes on others but can’t handle it when the joke is on them. But with sassy friends, you’ll never have to worry about this. It is extremely easy to banter around with them, and yes, they can take it in good spirit (all the poor jokes too). Isn’t life stress-free around them? After a long, tiring day at work, you could talk freely to them and be yourself around them. They are the friends who will hurl insults at you just to make you laugh. They’re the kind of mean that you wouldn’t mind, so go ahead and take some classes at showing your love disguised as insults.

5. They Will Never Judge You

They Will Never Judge You


We’ll be honest here. The fact is that people who have slightly different attitudes or are bold enough to live a different life from the rest around them often find themselves being judged or disliked. Not wanting to do the same that has been done to them, they tend to become less judgmental towards others.

Therefore, it’s quite easy for you to discuss anything and everything with them without harboring the fear of being judged. And you can trust us on this. You can go ahead and tag them in the most ridiculous of memes or tell them your absurd encounters without thinking twice. No matter how many mistakes you make in life or how big a dump your life is at any moment you can be sure that they only have love for you in their heart.

The society always portrays sassy people as disruptive and rude. Their attitude makes people think that they are dangerous, but what the hell! You should never care, in fact, encourage your sassy friends to never change or let go of their individuality. And the same applies to you as well. Don’t pay heed to what people say, embrace your sassy side if you have one, and live your life the way you want to.

We do feel like sending this piece to our sassy friends and see how they react. They might just call us cheesy or toss their heads and say, “Whatever! You’re right for a change.”

By the way, how sassy are your friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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