5 Quick Tips For Better Sleep On Your Period Days

It’s true that a woman’s body is no less than a piece of art with its incredible capacity to bear physical pain, and the emotional depth to handle anything and everything around her. Stomach cramps, breast tenderness, headaches, heavy bleeding, back pain, body pain, vomiting — this list can go on and on and yes, these are only a few of the problems that women face when they’re on their period

But what do you think is the most common problem faced by women when Aunt Flo visits them? If you’re thinking it’s sleepless nights, then you’re absolutely right. A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation showed how nearly 30 percent of women have reported getting disturbed sleep while on their menstruation (1). A fluctuation in the hormone level during the periods makes it impossible for women to sleep peacefully. This insufficient sleep then causes mood imbalance, anxiety, nausea, and painful cramps.

It’s pretty evident after this discussion, that if there’s any time that a woman’s body needs maximum rest and sleep the most, it is during her period. While we definitely can’t guess the type of your body, dear women, to understand your unique menstrual cycle problems, we’ve put together this do-able list of things which can help you sleep better during your next Aunt Flo visit.

1. Deal With Cramps

Deal With Cramps


We know its easier said than done. But if cramps are the primary symptom of the PMS (premenstrual syndrome) that you experience and they are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, then focus on soothing them or lessening their intensity. Whatever time you feel the cramp, just go and grab a hot water bag or make yourself a cup of peppermint tea. These will definitely provide you some relief. And if your cramp gives surprises by visiting without any warning in the night, consider carrying a hot water bag along with you to bed. The trick here is to relax the tensed muscles and prevent them from spasming and giving you cramps.

2. Opt Breathable, Soft, Period Care

Opt Breathable, Soft, Period Care


We’d like to tell you that it’s always a good idea to switch to pads at night before you retire to your bed to sleep. And even if tampons are your loyal picks, make sure you opt for the ones which are 100 percent government certified and are organic.

We know that most of us out there opt for the slightly perfumed sanitary pads, but hey, don’t forget that they are made up of non-organic synthetic materials. Such pads can irritate our sensitive area, down there which can cause irritation and itching, leaving you sleepless and uncomfortable in the night. Therefore, always opt for organic cotton pads only, as they are soft and breathable, and they’ll help you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Set A “Bedtime Routine”

Set A Bedtime Routine


By “bedtime routine,” we mean to say that prepare your body for some sleep. Do things that act as signals to your body, telling it that it’s time to rest now. Wear cozy sleepwear and try doing activities that will soothe your body and mind. Doing all of these will help you unwind and relax after a busy day. Also, your body too will get into a relaxed mode which will help you fall asleep peacefully.

4. Put Your Mobile Devices To Sleep Before Yourself

Put Your Mobile Devices To Sleep Before Yourself


Aren’t we all guilty of using our phones in bed, with the lights off when it’s actually time for us to doze off to a deep sleep? Please make it a habit to shut your phones off at least an hour prior to your bedtime. You need to fight those online shopping demons in you and not to forget, the social media demon too. All the chat and post notifications can wait till morning. Say goodnight to your phone demons and tell them “we’ll talk tomorrow.” There’s a reason why we should be doing this — the blue light which phones and other electronic devices emit can take a toll on your circadian rhythm (2).

5. Practice Calm Breathing

Practice Calm Breathing


All of the imbalance in the level of your hormones can leave you with mood swings and anxious about everything and nothing. You definitely cannot go to sleep with anxious thoughts, right? The best way to naturally overcome such feelings is to practice breathing in a calm manner. Take deep breaths which will slow down your heart rate and help you feel at peace (3). Doing this will relax your body and mind which will help you fall asleep sooner.

Try these out for better sleep while you’re chumming. And in case you haven’t managed to take control of the problems you face while you’re on your periods, we highly recommend you to consult a doctor. Have you been practicing any of the above-mentioned tips already? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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