5 Priceless Tips To Make Your Day More Effective

Have you ever felt that the number of hours in a day are just not sufficient for you to finish all your work, socialize, sleep, and stay healthy? The hours on the clock can certainly not be enough for a person with too many things to do in a day. You begin to feel like you’re losing your battle with time. But we’re telling you, in fact, asking you to not panic over it as most of us have been there. We’ve tried to run around, trying to get as many things done in a day’s time. Now, it’s definitely okay if this problem of time versus work is a one-off occurrence in your life. But if you find yourself in this tight spot constantly, then we would like to extend a helping hand and help you manage your time better. The problem, dear friend, lies in time management!

Eminent personalities such as Indra Nooyi have mastered the art of making more time in a day by slacking down a bit of their shut-eye time. Nooyi is known to sleep for just a good four hours in the night. Now, we definitely understand that most of us cannot really function with just four hours of sleep, can we? Therefore, we went around hopping on the Internet to find other feasible ways through which we can make our days more productive and effective. Our hippity-hoppity stunt in the cyberspace did yield us some surprising tips. Have a look-

1. Learn To Audit Your Time

Learn To Audit Your Time


This definitely tops our list because how will you know how to solve a problem without knowing its root cause, right? We need to first understand where we are spending a major chunk of our everyday time in ineffective and unproductive activities. For this, set aside a whole day and analyze and study your everyday routine. And once you’ve identified the activities that are like a sinkhole for your precious time, highlight them. Try to eliminate those activities or at least reduce them by the need of the hour.

2. Use The Hour Before Bed As Your Golden Hour

Use The Hour Before Bed As Your Golden Hour


You cannot really sleep peacefully with a busy, chaotic mind. Therefore, before you hit the sack every day, chalk out a plan for the next day. Make a list and prioritize the to-do activities so that you can tick them off based on priority. By doing this, you will be at are at ease that you have a plan for the next day and that you’ve got some control over it. You can also sleep on a peaceful note. Preparing yourself for the next day can help you wonderfully. Also, spending time planning for the next day is far more yielding than fidgeting with your phone on the bed.

3. After Waking Up, Don’t Linger In Bed

After Waking Up, Don’t Linger In Bed


We’re all guilty of doing this, aren’t we? Even after we’ve successfully switched off the alarms and decided to get out of bed, we still roll back into the coziness of our bed and try to get some extra sleep. And once we have done that we lie with eyes open, staring at blank space.

If you’re up, you need to get out of bed right then. Continuing to stay in bed is only going to set your mood for the rest of the day on a lethargic tone. So just get out of bed and start your day with a bang (we don’t mean it literally) and make the most use of the day.

4. Set Time Frames For All Of Your Work

Set Time Frames For All Of Your Work


You must be giving us creepy looks for having asked you to allot deadline for your work knowing that you’re already having a tough time learning to finish it on time. Deadlines aren’t supposed to be scary, just allot time for each of your work. For example, if you need to write a report, give it two hours. If you’ve completed it on time, treat yourself with a snack or a sweet treat. Make the deadline as 1 hour 45 minutes the next time you sit to write a report. Teach yourself to manage time this way.

5. Make The Best Use Of Your Commute Time

Make The Best Use Of Your Commute Time


If you’re living in a metro city, you’ll know it’s a blessing to find a home which is near to your workplace. Most of us spend hours traveling to and fro. You might think that you’re wasting your time traveling so much every single day but we think of it as a blessing in disguise. Commute time is quite a sizeable chunk of our everyday time, so why not make the most of it? Let’s utilize that time to do something more productive, to do something that makes us happy. For example, learn a language on an app, listening to soothing music, reading the news, or listening to amazing podcasts. Turn your commute time into an everyday happy ritual.

So from now on, keep the above tips in mind and try to make your day better. And we want you to remember that you can undoubtedly achieve what you want to once you’ve set your mind on it. It just takes a little bit of pushing yourself to do it. If you have any other tips that you want to add in this list. Leave them in the comments below.

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