5-Minute Hairstyles That Will Let You Hit The Snooze Button Longer

Whether it’s the third time you’re hitting the snooze button or you have a million errands to run, or your spouse/kid is being too demanding, sometimes you just cannot cough up enough time to get ready and look like a diva. Especially, when you have those tresses to tame. It’s difficult to not give in to the temptation of giving the hairbrush a miss and setting off for the day with messy bed-head hair. But, you can’t do that every day, can you? Neither can you sport a messy bun every day, that’s just going to give you a boring look. Don’t worry, like always, we always present the problem first and then give you the solution. Five minutes is all you need each morning to get a cute hairstyle. Here are our top picks for 5-minute hairstyles that will allow you to sleep a little longer:

1. Flower Braid Bun

Flower Braid Bun


It’s too good to be true? With this cute hairstyle, you can turn your mane into a canvas. That’s like pure art on your crowning glory, isn’t it? Flower braid bun gives you a chic look and at the same time gives you an added hint of sophistication. Although it looks complicated, this hairstyle is a breeze. You might even have time to grab a latte from the coffee shop. Be it a presentation at work or a brunch date with the hot dude across the hallway, this braid is all you need.

Here’s how you can do it:

2. The Easy Sassy Curls

The Easy Sassy Curls


If your hair is looking flat as a table, you might want to give it a little bounce and texture. But, how do you do it under 5 minutes? It’s simple, grab a straightener or a curler, make use of the tool you have. Pull your hair back in a pony and then split the hair into sections. Run your styling tool through each section quickly and make soft curls. Do it a couple of times, and put some hair spray on. Untie the ponytail and you’ll see soft and sassy curls.

Here’s how you can do it:

3. Hack For A Longer Ponytail

Hack For A Longer Ponytail


Do you have medium length hair that curls up into a tiny pigtail when you tie your hair up in a pony? We have a hack that you can use to make your ponytail look longer than it actually is. All you need to do is tie two ponytails. One at the top of your head and one a little lower, just underneath the first one. This creates an illusion of long hair, and it can be done in a jiffy. Here’s how you can do it.

4. Half-Crown Braid For The Princess In You

Half-Crown Braid For The Princess In You


A half-up French braid works for all occasions. Whether you’re trying to style your short hair or trying to glam up your long hair, a half-crown braid is a completely chic way of doing your hair in a braid and at the same time maintains a freely falling section of the hair over your shoulders. All you need for this hairdo is a comb, couple of bobby pins, and flat iron (if you really want a neat and dolled up look). This might look like a trick that only the hairstylists can pull off, but it’s as easy as ABC. Here, take a look:

5. Barrette Tieback

 Barrette Tieback


Barrette tiebacks are usually seen on young girls, but that doesn’t mean we adults cannot rock the look. Barrettes are go-to accessories that even adults can use to hold back the hair from their face, to enhance an up-do or to pin the hair up for intricate hairstyles. In fact, a barrette can come in handy at all times. It gives you enough room to experiment with hairstyles. Here’s how to pull off a classic tieback:

6. Rock A Bun

Rock A Bun


With summer’s entry, there’s nothing like a good old bun that can give us relief. Depending on where you place the bun, it can spice up your outfit. You can go for a sock bun, a messy bun, a twisted bun, a criss-cross low bun, etc. The options are plenty. Here’s our personal favorite:

Brushing the hair and deciding on a hairstyle itself could be quite taxing. If you’re someone who just cannot spend time on hairstyles, these quickie hairstyles should be able to help you solve that problem. If these seem like a task too, just go natural and apply some serum to your hair. Let the hair flow freely in its natural flow of direction. After all, it’s all about how confidently you pull it off. What’s your go-to hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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