20 Quick and Easy Salads You're Going to Want to Meal Prep Every Sunday

Salads are delicious and healthy, and the prep work that goes into making a fresh and colorful salad can be a lot of fun. Yet it can be difficult to plan out different salads to enjoy for lunch and dinner throughout the week. This leads to you getting tired of the same salad you might be packing each day for lunch. Next thing you know, you’re deserting it in your cubicle and making a beeline for a grilled cheese and fries at the cafeteria.

Ahead, you’ll find 20 salads that are easy to make ahead of time. From fresh vegan salads full of nourishing vegetables to protein-packed options full of flavor, you’ll find it easy to customize a unique salad each time by prepping veggies, fruits, and meats on #MealPrepSunday.

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