19 Reasons Why Losing Weight Rocks

The 4 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt has helped many women achieve their weight loss goals in the short period that it’s been available.

But, losing weight is not just about seeing that number on your scale go lower. Along your weight loss journey, you experience many small triumphs that show you how your life and health are improving each and every day.

We asked 4 Week Diet System users to share their ‘non-scale’ weight loss wins on Facebook. Below are some of our favourite weight loss wins.

We hope that they will encourage you to embark on your own weight loss journey and keep at it until you meet your goals.

1. Playing with the kids

“My son hugged me and thanked me for “being the best mom in the world.” Why? Because he loves the outdoors—hiking, running, playing— and in his 12 years I’ve never been able to keep up or do much of it with him. Last weekend I went for my first real hike with him and it was amazing! The hug from him meant everything.” —Joanna K.

2. Enjoying the little things

“I’ve been dancing with my son to music in our living around and running laps at the park. Those are his favorite things to do.” —Alison J.

3. Having fun

“I beat my 9-year-old in a race around our yard.” —Shannon P.

4. Healthier lifestyle

“I have eaten fresh fruit for breakfast and veggies for dinner every day. That is a major victory for me considering I am not a big veggie fan.” —Kathy K.

5. Having the ability to make smart choices

“Choosing the green leafy non-starchy veggies at the salad bar and nixing the cheese and croutons. That’s big for me.” —Mary N.

6. Making healthy swaps

“Finally switched from white bread to whole grain. Took me a long time but now I don’t even really like the taste of white bread anymore!” —Jenni R.

7. Willpower to resist temptation

“I made the conscious decision—actually followed through—to not drink soda pop this week. Those who know me know what an amazing accomplishment this was for me.” —Sally K.

8. Saying “no” to unhealthy foods

“I went to a breakfast buffet yesterday and passed by the sticky buns. That is huge for me.” —Mallory C.

9. Work has less of a toll

“Walking out of work not hurting. I’m a server and usually I’m in pain after work.” —Daniela N.

10. Weight no longer weighing you down

“One very important victory for me was when a severe pain in my leg disappeared. I can now walk on the treadmill without pain.” —Christina P.

11. Rewarding adjustments

“I went for a run this morning and instead of tugging my shorts over my thighs I had to tighten the drawstring to keep them up!!” —Kelly B.

12. Feeling like a new person

“I had to go up the stairs at work to get supplies. I actually was able to run up the steps and back down. 85 pounds ago, I had to pull myself up with the handrail.” —Carly H.

13. Positive self-image

“Looking down at my MUCH smaller stomach no longer pouching out of my workout pants. I no longer have to keep using the treadmill in the back corner of my gym.” —Kimberly M.

14. Motivation to keep going and reach your goal

“When Facebook brings up posts from the past and I see photos of me, I hardly recognize myself. I look at those pictures and think, “Wow, that’s what over 70-pounds of extra weight looks like!” I’m not quite done yet, but I know I can keep it up. So look out stairs and hills, here I come!” —Penny C.

15. Pleasant surprises

“I am on vacation and had to run to the store to get a pair of pajamas pants. I purchased them in my normal size and discovered they were looser than normal!” —Amanda B.

16. Swimsuit? No problem!

“My non-scale win is that I am more confident in a swimsuit than I ever have been! It feels great!” —Allyson H.

17. “Feeling great and loving life!”

“I have a waist line now! I went from a Humpty Dumpty to a Cinderella in just a few weeks! Feeling great and loving life!” —Peggy M.

18. Enjoying a ballgame

“When I go to a baseball game, I can actually fit in the seat.” —Johnny C.

19. Achieving great accomplishments

“Got healthy enough to pass the Marine Corps PT test and to be considered for the Officer Candidate School!” —Pia D.

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