18 Female Characters Who Got Us Through 2018

This year was hard, wasn’t it? We needed to take solace where we could. And for many of us here at POPSUGAR, that meant escaping the endlessly depressing, gut-wrenching, ever-harrowing news headlines by getting lost in some seriously great movies and TV shows, even just for a few moments. There’s only so much a face mask can fix, you know? (Even a really, really good face mask.)

Fortunately 2018 had no shortage of diverse, hilarious, heartbreaking, and brilliantly written female characters to inspire us to keep pushing through the bullsh*t (of which there was a lot, thanks to the current political climate). Whether you sought comfort in the arms of Midge Maisel’s arsenal of raunchy stand-up sets, or preferred to watch Shuri kick ass with her brains and fists, there’s a good chance your favorite character is on our list ahead.

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