11 Foods Successful Keto Dieters Never Eat

Zero-carbohydrate foods

People on the ketogenic (keto) diet are fastidious carbohydrate counters. After all, most keto eaters aim to eat around 20 net—or total—carbs in a day. With a number that low, every single bite counts. Low- and no-carb foods may be particularly alluring for that reason, but Jessica Rosen, certified holistic health coach and co-founder of Raw Generation, says you should be wary. “Not all zero-carbohydrate foods are smart choices for a keto dieter,” Rosen says. “Artificial sweeteners may not have any carbs or calories, but they can negatively impact the healthy bacteria in your gut. That can lead to fat storage and digestive issues,” she says. “Degrading one’s gut bacteria can be particularly detrimental if you’re eating a diet high in difficult-to-digest proteins and fats.” Here are 12 things that happen to your body when you’re on the keto diet.

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