10 Weird Reasons Behind Real Breakups Of Couples. You Better Avoid Them In Your Relationship

Life is definitely beautiful. It’s a gift which we are living and like all presents, even our life comes with a ribbon wrapped around it. And this ribbon is full of knots. These knots are the problem that we face in life. But we have relationships in our lives to ease the complications we are facing. Relationships are where we find love and comfort. We find ourselves away from all the mess that life creates for us (sometimes we create it on our own too).

But, not all relationships turn out to be the happy ones. Some fall apart and break us in the process. Sometimes, the reasons behind a fallout in relationships can be quite trivial too. Here’s a list of ten such weird reasons because of which couples broke up with each other. Make a note of these and try to safeguard your relationship from falling apart due to such petty reasons-

1. “He Laughed Weirdly”

He Laughed Weirdly


We came across a story in Quora where the girl openly admitted that she broke up with her boyfriend because his laugh was too weird for her to handle. We all have at least one amongst us in our group who laughs weirdly. It makes us laugh harder. And if it’s our significant other, then we eventually fall in love with the weirdness of our partner. But looks like this girl couldn’t do it. She put an end to it.

2. “She Threw Trash Right On The Road”

She Threw Trash Right On The Road


Remember that incident when Anushka Sharma was trolled on the Internet for teaching a guy to use a dustbin and not throw garbage on the road? We came across a love story that ended along similar lines. A guy called it quits with his girlfriend for a similar reason. He never spoke to his girlfriend after she threw trash on the road on one of their dates. We’re guessing cleanliness means everything to this lad.

3. “She Was Too Sweet”

She Was Too Sweet


Agreed, sometimes girls go overboard when expressing their love. They have sweet remarks for situations and use a lot “awwws” and “oh nos”. But, is that reason strong enough to end a relationship? For this particular boy, whose breakup story we came across on Reddit, it surely was. He ended his relationship because he couldn’t stand the extra-saccharine nature of his girlfriend anymore.

4. “He Used To Watch ShinChan A Lot”

He Used To Watch ShinChan A Lot


Watching cartoons is supposed to be stress buster, right? But, if you are someone who loves Shin Chan then reconsider your love for this particular cartoon series. Because a girl apparently dumped her boyfriend for his undying love for Shin Chan. For those of you who don’t know Shin Chan, it’s a popular cartoon series that features a naughty kid trying to ace life as a mischievous child. Yep! Turns out, your choice of cartoon too matters in love.

5. “She Couldn’t Cook”

She Couldn’t Cook


The problem of whether or not your partner can cook is legit alright! It’s no joke. A guy broke up with his girlfriend because she couldn’t make scrambled eggs for him. Wish we could tell him this, “Could you please make some scrambled eggs for yourself while you bask in your loneliness?”

6. “He Did Not Know About Brews”

He Did Not Know About Brews


This woman sure does love her brewed beer more than any man on this earth. She decided to call it quits because her beau ended up ordering canned beers instead of the freshly brewed German beers. Time to update your knowledge about brewed beers fellas.

7. “She Was Going Bald”

She Was Going Bald


We wonder if this guy carried a guarantee card that he would never go bald ever in his life. Because he says he noticed a bald spot on his girl’s head and he just couldn’t get over it or let’s just say he couldn’t unsee it. Well, but, it’s true. There are millions out there who weigh the appearance more than love itself in relationships.

8. “She Didn’t Read Books”

She Didn’t Read Books


For some, the number of books one reads is directly related to one’s level of intelligence. The more books you’ve read, the more wisdom you have. This is exactly what a Redditor boy thought so too. He broke up with his girlfriend as soon as he found out that she did not read enough books. Well, that’s a true bibliophile there!

9. “He Always Complimented Me”

He Always Complimented Me


All you men out there, learn to be brutally honest with your lady even when she is asking you how is she looking today. This is a story in which a girl broke up with her guy because he used to always compliment her looks even on days when she knew she was looking like a disaster. Honesty over love, okay?

10. “She Had No Idea What FIFA Was”

She Had No Idea What FIFA Was


Wonder if he knew the names of all Barbie doll series. Sigh! So, this guy ended his relationship because the girl had no idea what FIFA was all about. It made him feel embarrassed in front of his friends. He could have introduced his girl to the amazing, thrilling world of football or just let her be. But, this man loved his football more, you know.

Yes, people, a relationship can end in such ways too. So, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Understand and know the person well before saying a yes to your partner. Don’t complicate the already complicated life even more. Have you come across any such breakup stories before? Let us know in the comments below.

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