10 Things About How To Lose Weight Fast You Need To Know

The realistic way to think about how to lose weight fast for anyone is to burn more calories than you take in on a daily basis – and to that you either exercise or and eat less.

Most people opt for the ‘eat less’ version. But as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight (me, included) knows, ”eating less” isn’t always easy – sometimes it’s down right impossible.

Luckily for you, I am going to share some simple to follow tips and tricks to ‘eat’ less calories while you enjoy your food, and to teach your mind to stop once you’re satisfied – and not continue to stuff yourself.

1. Take it out of the package

When you’ve got a hankering for potato chips or another snack, don’t just mindlessly eat from the bag or box. Instead, portion out a single serving into a small bowl. This way, you know exactly how much you’re eating and aren’t left mindlessly munching until the bag is empty.

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2. Eat Before You Party

If you’re going out to a party or restaurant where you’ll most likely eat more than you want, have a small snack before you leave the house. This way, you won’t be ravenous when you’re faced with a menu or buffet full of scrumptious treats and will be able to make more rational decisions.

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3. Start your meals with a broth based soup

When you’re out to dinner, start with a broth-based soup. Broth soups are lower in calories than creamy options and will take the edge off your hunger before your meal arrives.

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4. Don’t get distracted, focus on eating

One recent study found that spending more time in front of the television leads to a higher consumption of unhealthy snacks and drinks. Be sure to skip the Law and Order reruns while you’re eating, and don’t forget about other distractions like your smartphone or computer – put them all away.

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5. Listen to your body

It can be easy to set your eating schedule by the clock, but this sometimes means that you’re eating a meal when you’re not actually hungry. This tactic only further confuses our bodies and inhibits us from noticing and responding to true feelings of hunger and fullness. Instead, make a concerted effort to listen to what your body is telling you when mealtime rolls around. You may find that you’re not even hungry and are just eating out of habit! Once you do start feeling those tummy twinges, get your chow on.

6. It’s ok to have leftovers

Sometimes a meal is so delicious that you have a hard time calling it quits – even when you’re stuffed. Remind yourself that what you don’t eat now will be available for leftovers later.

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7. Eat at home

When you eat on the run or in your car, you’re more likely to grab convenience foods, which are loaded with high calories and salt. If at all possible, try to eat at home. A recent nutrition study suggests that people eat healthier meals in the comfort of their own homes. Stock your kitchen with healthy items you can grab in a hurry so that you don’t have to take desperate measures away from home.

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8. Choose from the kid’s menu

If you do have to hit up fast-food to cope with your craving for a burger or fries, choose the regular hamburger or even the junior or kids sizes. You’ll satisfy your craving without indulging in a caloric disaster.

9. Use Smaller Plates

Dinner plates have expanded in diameter over the years – really – to match our ever expanding waistlines. Filling a larger plate can cause you to scoop up (and eat) larger portions. Downsize your dinner plate to trick your eye and brain into eating less.

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10. Try something new

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